10 Reasons why you should book a Dreamliner ticket

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Few bus services can rival the sheer opulence of the Dreamliner and all those who have travelled on it would agree. We want you to enjoy the entire Greyhound experience with us from the moment you are welcomed aboard.

Still hesitant? Here are ten reasons why you should book a Dreamliner bus ticket for your next trip.



All of the seats available on the Dreamliner were constructed from memory foam and the seats can recline up to 180 degrees. Each seat is fitted with a leg rest and seat belt. Good start to the journey, wouldn’t you say?

Greyhound Busses



You have a choice between a variety of audio and visual entertainment right at your fingertips. If you’d rather read a book, you can switch on your individual reading lamp as the sky turns dark.


You have a choice between Luxury, Business and General class

Don’t let the words Luxury and Business class put you off, travelling on a Dreamliner isn’t all that expensive with our various price options available. Alternatively you can book a seat in the General section and still travel in luxury at a more affordable rate. What’s the difference between Luxury and Business classes? Read this to find out.


The driver is professionally trained

All drivers and crew are carefully selected and professionally trained to meet all the required safety and service standards. All drivers are also sent for refresher training on a regular basis and undergo medical examinations every year.


You’ll be served as you relax

We have hostesses and service available on our Dreamliners. Need a coffee? How about a cookie? Our servers are trained to treat passengers with grace and a smile. We believe it’s the finer details that make the trip.

Greyhound Busses


You won’t feel claustrophobic

Our seats are positioned in a 2:2 configuration in the Luxury section and within our more spacious Business class section, you’ll find that the seats are positioned in a 1:2 configuration.


Heat or cold, you’ll travel in comfort

Each section’s seats has individual air con vents to keep you cool during the summer and heaters to keep you warm and comfortable when travelling in winter.


Your safety is ensured

The Dreamliner is fitted with a Drive Cam and has 24 hour tracking. No need to be nervous when travelling by bus, our call centre agents and team leaders are always on call should you have any questions or concerns.


The tickets are affordable

How much would you pay to fly business class? Well, when you book a ticket in the Business class section on the Dreamliner, you’ll only pay a fraction of the price. Travel longer for less, right?


Greyhound truly is the People’s Choice

We have been voted the Number One Bus Company by The Star and Pretoria News publications. Travel with the people’s choice, you won’t regret it.


Convinced? Of course you are. Contact us to book your next ticket. We are making waves in the bus travel industry, watch this space.

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