31 Things you can do in Bloemfontein

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We’d love to hear from the locals of Bloemfontein, what do you love to do on a weekend? We have a few suggestions.

1.Visit the first digital planetarium in Sub Saharan Africa

2.Hang with the locals at die Mystic Boer

3.Experience ultimate relaxation on a Merino Sheep Farm

4.Visit a slice of history at Mapikela House

5.Visit the Boeremark if you’re feeling hungry

6.See if you can catch a fishy prize at Maselspoort

7.Honour women around the country with a visit to the National Women’s Memorial in Bloemfontein

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8. Unite with nature in the Freestate National Botanical Gardens

9. Release your pent up energy with a healthy game of paintball at Ruins Paintball

10. Stroll through stalls offering various food, art and more for sale at the Volksblad Kos & Kunsmark

11. Take in a rugby match at Vodacom Park

12. Indulge your classical side with a classical concert at Odeion

13. Explore a vast species of flowers at the Orchid House Aboretum

14. Go on a night hike at the Soet Doring Nature Reserve

15. See talent performing live at the Aasvoël Klub

16. Learn about the special conservation projects taking place at the Cheetah Experience Conservation Centre

17. Visit the Oliewenhuis Art Museum, named after the wild olives growing in the countryside nearby

18. Snap pictures of the stunning Giraffes on Naval Hill

19. Love flowers? Then you’ll love a visit to the Manguang Rose Festival in October even more

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20. Take your family to the Bloemfontein Zoo and don’t forget the camera!

21. Catch a movie at the Loch Logan Waterfront

22. Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies – perfect for the entire family

23. Interact with nature and majestic creatures at the Bagamoya Wildlife Estate

24. Established in 1930, the Franklin Game Reserve is one of the few city wildlife reserves in the world

25. Go shopping at the Mimosa Mall

26. If you’re not in the mood for a usual mall experience, visit the Rose Garden Urban Flea Market

27. Test your luck at the Windmill Casino and Entertainment Centre

28. Visit the wild cats at the Zanchieta Wild Cat Farm situated 22 km from Bloemfontein

29. Visit New York without leaving Bloemfontein and order something juicy and flame grilled at this 1920s New York inspired restaurant

30. Order a gourmet burger accompanied by a glass of craft beer at No.16 Stoep & Beer Garden

31. Enjoy a picnic at any of the various stunning nature reserves and gardens

You have 31 reasons to visit Bloemfontein but you only need 1 reason to use Greyhound to get there. We’re the People’s Choice! Pick a route and let’s take you somewhere special!



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