Making a Difference: 4 ways to give back this Mandela Day

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July is upon us and that means it’s time to celebrate uTata – former president, icon and global hero, Nelson Mandela.

Yes, Mandela Day is an opportunity to give a little more than we usually do, even if just for 67 minutes of our day.

Here at Greyhound and Citiliner, the most comfortable and luxurious way to travel across our country affordably, we believe in giving back.

So, here are 4 ways that you can too, come 18 July. May they be the most rewarding 67 minutes this month.

Making a Difference: 4 ways to give back this Mandela Day

  1. Volunteer at your local orphanage – the young ones need us!

Nelson Mandela was famous for his love and appreciation for young children and the roles that they play in our future. So, in that warming spirit, why not volunteer at a nearby orphanage and give a little joy and value to a young one’s life?


Making a Difference: 4 ways to give back this Mandela Day

  1. Help out at your local SPCA – animals need help too

Our humanity is defined by how we treat all things. If you feel that our four-legged friends also need some help, why not head through to your local SPCA and give a hand?

67 minutes for us may be a lifetime for them, so don’t be shy to give them the cuddles that they need. Their reward is your reward.


  1. Visit the elderly – the people who made us who we are

South Africa is stronger when we’re all included, and that includes the weak and elderly too. So, why not head down to your local old age home and enjoy a couple of old school stories?


Have a card game. Share a laugh. There is much wisdom to be found in visiting the elderly and it could be the most rewarding 67 minutes of your month.

Making a Difference: 4 ways to give back this Mandela Day

  1. Collect to donate – you can never give too much!

Perhaps you don’t have 67 minutes to spare this month and that’s fine. There are other ways to contribute and one way is to start a collection drive.

Canned food, blankets, school shoes, old toys – all are valuable for someone in need and could really change a life. That’s what really matters.

Here at Greyhound and Citiliner, we believe that good deeds come with great rewards. And, like Nelson Mandela, like the man who defines our freedom, we believe in humanity too. So, let humanity prevail this Mandela Day and keep the goodness thriving.

To book on the most luxurious bus in South Africa – or on the most affordable in the land of Tata Madiba’s legacy, call Greyhound or Citiliner anytime of any day on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352. Alternatively, visit our websites at or Citiliner at

Happy Mandela Day and respect to all!

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