5 Activities that kills boredom on a long bus trip

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If you were thinking of boarding a Greyhound Bus to take you to your December holiday destination, you should prepare for a few hours on the road.

While Greyhound’s coach and bus services offer onboard  audio/ visual entertainment, you might prefer to forget about the time completely, rather than staring at a screen.

We have compiled a list of five activities which are guaranteed to make you forget about time.

  1. Brain games

Before your trip be sure to pick up a book of puzzles and a few pencils. These puzzles offer hours of fun, especially if you get a book containing a variety of puzzles. These puzzles include Sudoku, word search, crossword puzzles and loads more. The key is to have a good variety so that you don’t get bored with one activity.

  1. Put pen to paper

Yes, you might not be a writer, but you are definitely a thinker. Try writing down your chain of thoughts as it shifts direction to learn more about yourself. If this scares you too much, write about recent experiences that have had a substantial impact on your life, a journal of what you are experiencing as you travel, songs, poems, goals, just about anything. There is so much to write about and it can keep you entertained for hours on end. If you get bored with your words, you can always doodle a few sketches.

  1. A blast from the past

Remember those hand-held electronic games that just wouldn’t run out of battery life? Head to a wholesale store or flea market and get yourself the most high-tech and game-packed one you can find. Spend your trip reliving the old days, or if you’re not that old, learn about how a generation before you had spent their time. If you’re lucky enough to get one of those 999-in-one bargains you can run through every single game during your trip trying to set up high scores.

  1. Get reading

Even if you’re not the avid reader, reading is an extremely satisfying pastime. The key to enjoying this is to choose literature that falls squarely within your list of interests. Head to a bookstore and grab a few niche magazines of topics that excite you. Grab the first book of which you find the title intriguing. If you didn’t enjoy reading prior to this exercise, you definitely will after your trip.

  1. Technology

So, if you really can’t be without a phone for a few hours, use this (or tablet/ laptop etc) as your source of entertainment. When using a smartphone, however, be sure to have a few charged power banks with you. No use in trying to teach you all that you can do with a phone to keep yourself busy, now, is there? 😉

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list and we are sure that you will have a fun-filled trip with any (or all) of these activities. Have a safe journey and remember to visit https://greyhound.co.za to book your tickets if you have not yet done so.

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