5 games to play on the bus trip.

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One part of traveling can take forever to pass and that’s traveling on the bus. There are countless things to do and many games to play, but somehow we always forget them when we need them! Let me take you through 3 easy and fun games you can play while traveling on the bus.
1. I Spy
Most people know this game, but I’ll explain for those who are not familiar with it. One person chooses an object they can see, but doesn’t tell the others what it is. For explanatory reasons, let’s say the word is “sock”. Then the person will say “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with s.” The other people must then guess what the person is seeing. Alternatively the person can say “I spy with my little eye, a sock!” and then the other people must spot the sock. Either way, this one can keep you busy for quite some time!
2. Thinking of a number
One person chooses a number between 1 and 100, but once again doesn’t tell the others. Each other player gets a turn to guess what the number is and they will only be told whether the actual number is higher or lower than their guess. The first person to guess right, gets to choose the next number.
3. Rock, paper, scissors
This is a pretty familiar one. A flat hand represents paper, scissors is with fingers 2 and 3 sticking out and holding your hand in a fist represents rock. The players count together to three and on three they reveal their choice. Paper covers rock, so paper wins; scissors cuts paper, so scissors win and rock smashes scissors so rock wins. First player to reach ten wins, wins the game!
Now that you have some more options for occupying yourself on your bus trip, sit back and enjoy the ride!
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