5 Reasons why the Cape Town Wine route is the place to be this Autumn

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Red leaves, red wine and all things beautiful, yes Autumn has arrived! The time of transitioning is here as we drag out our duvets and clean up the garden for cold times to come. It is time to pack up and head on to the Cape Town Wine Route. Why, you ask. Here are five reasons why.

  1. The wine tasting is unparalleled

Nothing warms your inside and soul quite like a sip of quality, matured wine on a breezy afternoon. With a variety of wine routes to choose from, the wine tasting opportunities in Cape Town are varied and bountiful. Sample a deep rosé in the Constantia Valley Wine Route and move on to a sharp white and a drop of sherry. Autumn and a bottle of red makes for a glorious combination.

  1. The scenery is postcard perfect

There is nothing more romantic than driving through the warm, golden vineyards as you break through the morning mist. Experience peace and a stunning slice of nature at its best during this time of the year. The vista creates a serene road trip experience.

  1. It’s a lovely time and backdrop for a wedding

Brides shouldn’t dread getting married during this time of the year. The Cape vineyards makes for a stunning wedding venue. Get married in a whitewashed chapel  and take spectacular wedding photos amongst auburn and golden leaves to remember your special day by.

  1. There’s a lot happening in and around the Cape Wine Route

Cape Town heats up during the cold months with many events and festivals to celebrate their diversity. Put on a warm jacket and make your way over to the Woodstock Autumn Beer Festival, Riebeek Valley Olive festival or the Whacky Wine Festival just to name a few.

  1. It’s the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival!

Speaking of festivals, during the month of June bands representing communities throughout the Western Cape gather to make soulful music. Warm up with a glass of wine and support the development of education in disadvantaged areas of the Cape.


There’s no time like Autumn! Do you have more reasons why Cape Town is the place to be this Autumn? Join the conversation and share your ideas with us.






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