5 things to know when travelling to Maputo

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5 important things you must know before traveling to Maputo these holidays

Maputo, the striking city of Acacias – with turquoise water that gently laps white, sandy beaches – is an urban wonderland of intriguing history and vibrant culture that brilliantly bridges the modern Mozambican with a fascinating past. Wow, what a city!

So, whether you’re heading there to soak it all in or just heading on home to visit Mom, it will be our absolute pleasure getting you there. That’s our thing after all, making sure that we do our job so you can do yours – the job of living it up these summer holidays in Maputo.

But wait! Before you turn away and start packing, we have 5 important traveling points and regulations you must know before traveling to the Mozambican capital. You’ll thank us later.

  1. Check and double check: Do you have your passport?

Don’t spoil the excitement with forgetfulness! Please, and double please, remember your passport and ensure that it is valid and up to date. It should also have at least three blank pages available for entry and exit stamps. Unfortunately, emergency passports or emergency travel documents will not be accepted.

  1. Are you traveling with your children? Unabridged birth certificates are essential.

Yes, we love family trips. In fact, we encourage them. Mom, Dad and the little ones: Those brilliant memories you’ll never forget! Likewise, don’t forget the unabridged birth certificate of each and every child when crossing the border, which, on each document, will need to have the details of both parents and the child’s too. For their sake and yours, make sure all details are present.

  1. Is there a minor traveling alone? All children under the age of 18 will need an affidavit.

Minors traveling alone (that’s children under the age of 18), will need consent from both parents to cross borders. This means that they will need to travel with a police-stamped affidavit from both parents, allowing them to enter and depart South Africa. Unaccompanied minors returning to South Africa will also need to travel with a letter written by the person they’ll be traveling to, stating their residential address and contact details.

  1. Keeping it healthy! Get those compulsory vaccinations.

One of the downsides of living in a beautiful and humid paradise like Southern Africa is that certain parts of it are prone to disease and infection. Yellow fever is an example, which can be prevented with a vaccination. You’ll need to get your yellow fever shots at least two weeks before you travel, and you’ll need to produce a certificate of vaccination at the border as proof. Malaria is another dangerous, mosquito-borne disease that will require preventative pills, so consult your doctor or chemist before you travel. Travel healthy, travel safe!

  1. Those border delays – annoying yes, but out of our control

Of course, we always strive to ensure that you arrive on time wherever we take you, and that includes Maputo! But, as you might know the border is a busy and sometimes moody place, and unfortunately there may be unanticipated delays due to crowding and crossing. We kindly ask that you have all your travel documents on-hand to ensure as smooth and quick an entry and exit as possible.

All in order then? Great! Travel to Maputo these holidays with Greyhound & Citiliner. Book your tickets online at www.greyhound.co.za | www.citiliner.co.za or call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations: 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352

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