6 safety tips when you travel by bus in South Africa.

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South Africa can be daunting for some people and we are here to assure you that it is actually a lot of fun! Just follow these 6 safety tips when you travel by bus in SA!

South Africa is a beautiful country and one of pride and wonder. However, as with anything wonderful and magnificent, there is a downside. Crime is unfortunately prevalent in our society and something we all need to be aware of.

As our passenger, we would like to ensure your journey with us is a safe and happy one which is why we have put together our top 6 safety tips for staying safe when you travel by bus on your journey from departure to arrival.

6 safety tips when you travel by bus in South Africa.



Travel by bus safety tip 1: Safety at the terminals

When arriving at the terminals to board your bus we urge you to follow one of our top safety tips – be vigilant. Be vigilant of your surroundings and aware of people hanging around the terminals or you. If you are unsure of where you are going, to look for a uniformed security guard to ask for directions. If you feel unsafe or notice anything out of sorts, report it immediately to the security personnel on duty.


Travel by bus safety tip 2: Touters

Be wary of touters hanging around the terminals throughout South Africa, trying to draw you away from the counters to take you to book your ticket somewhere else. Do not give your money to anyone except the cashier at the counter.


6 safety tips when you travel by bus in South Africa.


Travel by bus safety tip 3: Luggage

Another one of our top safety tips is to keep an eye on your luggage from the moment you step into a terminal to the moment it is loaded into our trailers. Do not leave your luggage unattended or out of your sight in the terminals. We also advise you not to keep valuables such as electronics and cash in your luggage and rather keep such items onboard with you. Make sure you receive a luggage label when checking your luggage in at our counters and to keep this slip until the end of your journey when you collect your luggage.

6 safety tips when you travel by bus in South Africa.

Travel by bus safety tip 4: Carry-on luggage

We highly advise you to keep cell phones, laptops, tablets, jewellery, cash etc with you while travelling onboard. In our Terms and Conditions, we state: “Greyhound will not be held liable for any loss of luggage due to theft or damage. Greyhound’s liability for any loss or damage to passengers’ luggage or personal property will be limited to a maximum of R1000,00 per claim in circumstances where Greyhound/Citiliner acted with gross negligence or fraudulent intent. Greyhound/Citiliner does not provide insurance cover for passengers or their property/luggage. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to ensure they are adequately insured.”

Travel by bus safety tip 5: Refreshment stops

It is your responsibility to look after your personal belongings on board. Should you need to use the restroom or buy food at one of our refreshment stops, we suggest only leaving items onboard provided someone you know is looking after them. Should you be travelling alone, we recommend taking important items with you at these stops. Be aware of your surroundings at refreshment stops.


Travel by bus safety tip 6: Disembarking

Once your journey with us comes to an end and you disembark, please make sure you have all your personal belongings with you before getting your luggage. We also advise that you arrange collection from your final destination before your journey starts, especially when arriving at night. You can track your bus on our website to see where you are and when you are nearing the end of your trip to let your transport or person collecting you know so that they can be there waiting for you on arrival.

As with any travels, stay safe and alert on your journey in South Africa. Should you need to report any incidents at our terminals or on the road, our 24hour customer care line is 011 611 8000 or 0873520352.

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