6 must-know safety facts if you’re travelling with Greyhound

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When choosing to travel with Greyhound, you’re not only choosing the most luxurious bus service in South Africa – you’re also carefully selecting safety because safety is important, and we agree.

As a premium bus service, you’re guaranteed the best of the best when it comes to safety, safe driving and all-round high safety standards. Yes, from Johannesburg to Durban, from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth (and everywhere in between), safety is key to our business and is the reason why countless travellers board our buses year after year.

Our coaches adhere to the strictest safety rules and coach-inspection regulations, ensuring our buses are always in the best condition and ready for any journey ahead.

So, here are 6 must-know safety facts if you’re boarding soon.

  1. Greyhounds Safety inspection after each trip

6 must-know safety facts if you’re travelling with Greyhound 6 must-know safety facts if you’re travelling with Greyhound

After each journey, our buses head to our depots to be cleaned and inspected for faults and defects.

First things first, when the bus gets back to the depot it makes its way to our workshop whereby faults and defects reported by the driver and our passengers from the last journey are inspected and fixed. The bus is then checked for service items and goes through the general checks and tests consisting of headlights, wipers, brakes, tyres, luggage compartments, interior lighting, aircon, heaters, entertainment system etc. The bus is then washed inside and out and then refuelled and prepared for its next departure.

  1. Our drivers are trained professionals

6 must-know safety facts if you’re travelling with Greyhound

Safety at the wheel allows peace of mind when travelling onboard Greyhound. All our drivers are trained PDP professionals and they regularly go for training to remain alert and ready for anything they face on the road.

Our drivers also undergo medical checks twice a year to ensure that they’re fit behind the wheel and as prepared as they can be for any long journey ahead.

  1. Safety belts matter, even on a bus!

Our buses come fitted with safety belts. We encourage you to use them as you would when travelling with any other vehicle on the road. They are there for your own safety in the unlikely event there is an accident on your journey. All it requires is a click and you’ll be all the safer for it.

Seat belts can save lives, in an event of an accident.

  1. Drive cams are your extra eyes on the road!

6 must-know safety facts if you’re travelling with Greyhound

Drive cams are installed on every bus. They encourage the best driving habits among all of our drivers. These drive cams record incidents should they occur on your journey, such as speeding, harsh braking etc

  1. Your eyes in the sky: each bus is tracked every minute of every day

Greyhound Busses

All of our busses are tracked 24/7 – that’s our safety guarantee. Tracking our fleet allows us to always keep tabs on what’s happening. We always know where you are to ensure your journey is a safe one. This level of tracking also conveniently allows us to keep you updated, should a bus arrive late for example, but more importantly always serves a primary function: To keep you safe and sound, and to keep us informed and alert.

  1. Helivac Emergency Assistance comes standard

As a Greyhound passenger, you get the value-added benefit of travelling with Helivac on your side.

Helivac is an emergency medical assistance provider, which is on standby should the unexpected happen. In the event an emergency, Helivac will be called to the scene without you having to worry. As our passenger, you can relax with peace of mind knowing that medical assistance is never too far away.

Greyhound Busses

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about how we keep our Greyhound family safe! Any questions? Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter or call us on 011 611 8000 or 087 352 0352!

Safe travels!

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