7 apps to plan your trip during your bus ride

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As you slump back into your comfortable, ergonomic coach seat aboard a luxurious Greyhound Dreamliner, you realise that you’ve still got a few hours to kill before you reach your destination. The question is, what to do once you get there?

Sometimes plans go awry and bookings are cancelled, or perhaps you just haven’t put that much thought into it. We thought we’d talk about some of the best apps to help you plan your trip, whether it’s for local events, places to visit, accommodation or just somewhere to grab a bite to eat.


Food and Events











After a long trip to your destination, you’re undoubtedly hungry, and Zomato’s here to save the day. Quite simply, Zomato finds the best places to eat for you. From the moment you open the app, it lists an assortment of restaurants around you, all primed to take your money in exchange for food.

Sometimes you’re looking for a cultural vibe to go with your food; that’s where Awesome South Africa comes in. Its job is to keep you up to date with local events, restaurants, stores, clubs and just about anything else you might be interested in – whether it’s adventure, entertainment or nightlife. Best of all, it’ll tell you what deals and specials are on offer for each establishment before you even reach them.

An alternative to Awesome South Africa is TripAdvisor, which operates a lot like its counterpart but allows you to plan entire trips, from the accommodation to the restaurants and even places to visit.


Transportation and Navigation










Whether you’ve planned every minute of your trip or not, navigating your way around a place you’re not entirely familiar with can be tricky. Waze all but eliminates the odds of you getting lost. It’s kept up to date by the community, meaning you’ll never run into unexpected traffic.

If all else fails, there’s always Uber. It’s more expensive than flagging down the first taxi cab in sight, certainly, but its drivers strive to be professional, accommodating and offer reliable transport right to the front door of your destination. Uber will even provide obligation free quotes at the touch of a button, so you can be sure the fare is well within your travel budget.


Affordable Accommodation











There’s nothing worse than arriving at your accommodation for the weekend, only to be turned away for one reason or another. Here are two apps to make finding accommodation not just easy, but downright affordable.

Why just visit Durban or Cape Town when you can live there instead, even if it’s just for the weekend? That’s what Airbnb promotes, and for the most part it does a wonderful job of it. Airbnb allows hosts to offer you affordable accommodation in their own homes at a moment’s notice, much like booking a ride with Uber, only you’re booking a room for the night. It’s also a great way to meet new people and experience a city through the lives of its residents.

Unlike with Airbnb, Couchsurfing is 100% free! Think of it as an act of goodwill on behalf of your hosts. Like the name implies, you may just get a couch to sleep on, but many who have used the app have been treated as part of their host’s family. The idea is to live with your hosts, take part in daily events or just lend a helping hand in exchange for a warm bed, at no cost whatsoever. And who better but local residents to point out the best hip-and-happening events on any given day?

We’ve suggested the apps above because we firmly believe that your destination is just another part of the journey, a journey that starts with Greyhound. Remember to use another favourite app of ours, Twitter, to share pictures of your trip with us.



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