8 Tips to keep cool on a bus

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Summer is a time to bust out the sunscreen and swimsuits and spend some quality time outside, be it in the garden or on the beach. On the other hand, travelling in high temperatures such as we have suffered lately can be very uncomfortable and smothering. Luckily, we here at Greyhound have got you covered with our eight hot tips to staying cool on the bus.

  • Drink lots of ice water

This is our top tip since staying hydrated is vital in surviving this heat. Fill a bottle with water the evening before you get on your bus, and put it in the freezer. Come morning, you will have an ice bottle to keep you cool. The ice will melt along the way, providing cool, refreshing water.

  • Use a hot water bottle

You heard correctly, instead of filling up your hot water bottle with boiling water, fill it up with cold water and put it in the freezer ahead of time. It will freeze overnight and voila, you have an iced water bottle to hold onto on the bus.

  • Wear light colours

Stay clear of black and navy coloured clothes, these colours tend to attract heat. Wear light, pastel colours. White is perfect. Swop your denim for a short and wear loose fitting shirts that won’t stick to your skin if you sweat.

  • Avoid drinks with sugar in them

In high temperatures, we tend to get thirsty more quickly, but staying hydrated with fizzy drinks is not the answer. The high intake of sugar is bad for your health. Stick to rule number one, it will save you money as well.

  • Get yourself a battery operated fan

You get pocket size fans that work with batteries. These are great to carry in your bag and easy to handle when you need an extra breeze to cool you down. If you don’t have one of these, a good old paper or cardboard fan should work fine. Just be careful not to exert yourself when fanning as this will end up raising your body temperature.

  • Stay clear of salty food

Salt in your mouth leads to a dry mouth. You will drink more and more water, which will only leave you with an empty bottle and a full bladder. We recommend eating some watermelon, grapes, papaya or yogurt if you feel peckish.

  • Freeze your fruit

We can’t think of a better way to cool down than munching on some frozen berries or apple. This is a healthy and inexpensive treat. Just chop your apple (most fruits should work for this) into bite size cubes and place them in the freezer the night before. You can even mix a few berries with it to make a frozen fruit salad.

  • Keep your sunscreen and lotion in the fridge

The fridge is your best friend in the summer. Keep your sunscreen or body lotion in the fridge, that way when you put it on, your skin should cool down already. Just do not forget your sunscreen when you leave home.

Remember these tips, and travelling on your Greyhound bus will be that much greater. Don’t just enjoy a trip, love it!

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