The back-to-school budget blues: 4 ways to better prep for 2018

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We know you don’t want to hear it yet, but here’s it anyway. Come the new year, it’ll be that time again: Yes, back-to-school! For most parents, it sounds like a budget-bashing nuisance, a mentally-draining malfunction and an all-round party-pooper. But, if you’ve been traveling with Greyhound/Citiliner, back-to-school doesn’t have to be tiresome, and you can now even beat the budget when the time comes around.

If anything, these words will make you feel a whole lot more calm and ready when it does, and that’s our nerve-shedding promise. So, here to guide you through the back-to-school process, are 4 Greyhound/Citiliner tips to make it all that little bit easier. Why? Because at Greyhound/Citiliner we’re a company of families too and we’re all in this together.

  1. Shed this next year’s anxiety by saving for it today

Greyhound BussesFor us parents, the main cause of back-to-school anxiety is the cost of it, which just so happens to fall in the tightest month of them all: January! Goodness knows, there is nothing worse than spending money in January because December can often leave your back pocket a little worse for wear.

Well, this time don’t let it. Do some pre-new year budgeting and price your overall back-to-school cost before it even arrives and then, before it’s gone, put some money aside and save for it. You’ll feel much better knowing that come January, you’ll have the money ready so you won’t have to go looking for it.

Here’s our tip: Take that extra money and put it into a 24-hours savings account so it’s not easily accessible. Then, when you need it, pull it out for back-to-school. Voila!

  1. Look out for specials, contact the school

Greyhound BussesBack-to-school is big business. And when it comes to big business, the big retailers often compete with each other to offer the best and most affordable items that can save you money. Keep a look out now for specials then, and pick out which money savers are best for you. Include these specials when you budget and save for point 1.

Also, don’t be shy to contact your child’s school, as they can offer some great money-saving solutions too. These include offering quality second-hand items, which can go a long saving you money. On that note, if your child has outgrown a few garments or shoes – can those be resold? The extra Rands could go a long way helping your budget.

  1. Ask family and friends, buy a bit bigger

Part of the back-to-school anxiety is born from the fact that children grow – and grow fast! What fits them today might not fit them in 6-months-time so buying for them can be a nuisance (as much we love them!).

Why not consider approaching a few family members then or a few friends – perhaps some older cousins? Do they have some quality second-had items lying around that can be put to good, budget-beating use? Often these items are under used themselves (as those children grew fast too) and can go a long way healing a budget.

If you have to buy new though, consider buying a bit larger. This is not possible with shoes, but with shirts, skirts and pants for example, it definitely is!  Often, a size slightly larger can be tailored by a creative mom (or dad!), and will last longer as your child grows into it over the course of the year.

Our tip: Keep all previous back-to-school items bought in as good-a-knick as possible. That way you can also help friends and family in future as your child ages and grows, and leaves their smaller items behind.

  1. Travel with Greyhound/Citiliner – save with us!

If you haven’t already heard, you’re going to love this: Yes, we’re offering all Greyhound/Citiliner customers the following discounts for all sorts of back-to-school buys, which we know could go a long way helping you. Why? It’s just another way we’re saying thanks for choosing us. So, if you purchase any Greyhound ticket you will be offered the following awesome deals for next year’s school spending:

  1. At Edgars, get R50 off a R450-or-more spend
  2. At Jet, get R100 off a R500-or-more spend
  3. At CNA, get R100 off a R500-or-more spend

School, as we know all too well, is the most important thing for all of our loving children. But, going back doesn’t have to bring on anxiety.  There are ways to cope and ways to save – heck, there are even ways to beat the budget! Here at Greyhound/Citiliner, we just hope we’ve helped in our own little way. After all, that’s what family’s for.

To book with Greyhound/Citiliner today, you can do so at or Alternatively, contact our 24hr reservations department on 011 611 8000 or 087 352 0352.




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