To Beaufort West with Greyhound!

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You may only know Beaufort West as a stopover – as a place somewhere between Cape Town and Johannesburg with not much to do.

Well, here at Greyhound, where you can book luxurious bus trips across South Africa, we can confirm that Beaufort West has much on offer if you’re looking to explore.

Set in the expansive and ever-beautiful Karoo, it’s a small town wonder with hidden gems and historical sites. Here then are 4 things to do when you’re there.


  1. Visit the Spinwiel Antique Shop and Village Museum in Beaufort West

The Karoo is renowned for its deeply historical antique shops: Places that have collected South African and global artifacts since things first became collectible. But, few places are as well-collected and well-displayed as Spinwiel – an absolute gem set to the sights and sounds of yesteryear.

With themed displays indoors and out, it’s definitely a stop worth stopping for.

To Beaufort West with Greyhound! 4 things to do when you’re there

  1. Stop in at the Dr. Chris Barnard Museum

Did you know that the world’s most renowned heart surgeon grew up in Beaufort West? His museum, dedicated to his life and work, is a fascinating stopover if you’re interested in how South Africa and it is most famous changed the world for good. Dr. Chris Barnard was the world’s first surgeon to successfully perform a heart transplant. Now that’s worth celebrating!


To Beaufort West with Greyhound! 4 things to do when you’re there

  1. Explore the Karoo National Park in Beaufort West 

An untouched wonder of Karoo fauna and flora, the Karoo National Park is a leading semi-dessert reserve. Indeed, if semi-dessert landscapes speak to your spirit, this is a world leader, with guided and unguided hikes, mountain trails and 4X4 courses, all set to the rusty scrub of cherished inner South Africa. It lies just outside Beaufort West and is one of its leading attractions.

To Beaufort West with Greyhound! 4 things to do when you’re there

  1. Take a selfie at the old blockhouse!

Built back in 1901 to protect the adjoining railway bridge during the Anglo-Boer War, the blockhouse is a slice of old history. It takes you back to yesteryear, which is what the Karoo is all about. At the blockhouse, you feel the ancientness in its bones, and it makes you wonder about a time long gone.


To Beaufort West with Greyhound! 4 things to do when you’re there

Oh, and it makes for a great selfie too!

So, there you have it – 4 things to do in a town renowned for only being a stopover. It is a testament to our diverse, historical and extraordinary country that even a place as unassuming as Beaufort West can be packed with intrigue and history.







Visit it with Greyhound – book online today at or call us on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352.


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