Best all you can eat restaurants in Johannesburg

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Imagine having to cook for ten or more people at every event family and friends are invited to. This is where buffet restaurants are great in that it keeps everyone fed, caters to a variety of palates and provides everyone with an opportunity to socialise without someone being stuck in the kitchen the whole day.

Perhaps you have a late Father’s Day or even Youth Day celebration planned, here are some of the best buffet restaurants in Johannesburg to bring everyone together in a warm, social and very merry environment without you having to lift a finger.

Adega – Bryanston

You will be spoiled for choice with the smorgasbord Adega has to offer. From chicken, sushi, calamari tempura, sticky ribs and prawns to Portuguese dessert classics such as cheesecake.

Katy’s Palace Bar 

Once in every month this enchanting rooftop restaurant hosts their Sunday Lunch. They run according to a weigh-your-plate price at approximately R18 for every 100 grams. Price is subject to change. Here you won’t find your usual over-fried chicken strips but rather herb-crusted sirloin, gammon made with a delicious honey-mustard sauce accompanied by a choice of French sauces.

Love Food 

If you love interesting food then we advise you book a seat in advance as this restaurant is very popular. Indulge in tender pulled meat and chicken, fishcakes, choc-chip cookies, brownies and anything else you might think up. The perfect place to have a professional lunch.

Boma Restaurant

This up and coming theatre restaurant offers excellent entertainment and even better buffet-style cuisine. They serve traditional South African dishes so if you long for your mother’s food, here is where you will find it.

Billy G

Billy G, located in the striking Monte Casino, takes your palate on a culinary adventure with a variety of Mediterranean, Asian and African delicacies. Perhaps you are in the mood for some curry or pasta, whatever your wish there’s a good possibility that they will have it.

Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom 

Hazah! Greensleeves is an endlessly entertaining medieval styled restaurant where visitors can feast, join in songs and share stories. Why not take the whole family? We expect you might see a lot of Game of Throne character look-a-likes.

Have you eaten at an interesting buffet styled restaurant lately? Join the conversation and share your experiences with us.


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