Dreamliner: The difference between Business and Luxury Class

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Greyhound was the first coach and bus service to introduce intercity coach services in 1984. Since then, they have built a brand that is known as the most awarded intercity coach liner that offers safe, affordable and reliable travel options to 150 destinations in the lower part of the continent.

Though they have always aimed at offering a semi-luxury experience, it wasn’t until the launch of Greyhound’s Dreamliner luxury coaches that their services reached a whole new level. We are all well aware of business class flights and the comfort one can experience from such a service. Now, imagine business class coaches. It is so much more luxury at a fraction of the cost of its air travel alternative.

Introducing the Greyhound Dreamliner, an ultra-luxury coach with new levels of technological excellence. Being the first is second nature for Greyhound. Why wait for any other operator in Africa to break the ice? Why not be the first yet again to deploy luxury coaches onto South African roads?

The new 60-seater double-decker Dreamliner is built by bus body-builder Marcopolo South Africa and apart from its distinctive streamlined exterior and polished alloy rims, the new G7 1 800 DD Paradiso coach-body boasts a host of features that significantly enhance passenger comfort and facilitate a really good sleep.

With the introduction of the Dreamliner coaches, Greyhound made a very strong statement. Why not give bus commuters a luxury class if they wish to opt for it, and why not give it to them at affordable rates?


Dreamliner bus


The Dreamliner’s most exciting feature includes its memory foam executive sleeper seats that recline 150°. Talk about comfortable sleeping. Furthermore, each seat has a four-channel audio/visual panel for music and movies. Individual air-conditioning vents, reading lights and electrical sockets to recharge electronics (only on lower deck), set the standards even higher.

So, what is the difference between Business and Luxury Class on the Dreamliner?

Well first of all, the price will vary depending on the class you choose. You can speak to a Greyhound consultant for the different class options. Bearing in mind too, that the Dreamliner is only available on selected routes, here is a breakdown of the class differences:

Luxury Class

This class boasts 2:2 seating configuration, audio/visual entertainment, individual air-con vents, heaters, seat belts, leg rests, individual reading lights, individual tray tables, earphones available from the onboard crew and individual arm rests.

Dreamliner greyhound bus

Business Class

Business class boasts 1:2 seating configuration, memory foam seats, seats recline to 150 degrees, leg rests, seatbelts, individual air-con vents, audio visual entertainment, heaters, individual reading lights, individual removable tray tables, earphones available to purchase from the onboard crew, secluded cabin, individual arm rests and individual electrical sockets.

View more of Greyhound’s fleet here or book your tickets online here.

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