East London on a budget!

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Yes, this is East London and what an extraordinary visit it is. Astounding sunsets and a sub-tropical setting are tied together by kilometers of unforgettable beaches.

But, what’s there to do on a budget?

Here at Greyhound, where you can get luxurious bus tickets to East London and back again, we’re diving in to find out.

Here are five affordable outings we’ve earmarked for you and the family. Enjoy!


  1. Go dolphin spotting on Esplanade Street

    East London on a budget!

As one of the best spots to view dolphins in South Africa, Esplanade Street in Quigney is a must do for any sea-safari lover.

Take in the sunset with your loved ones and look out for our majestic sea friends as they enjoy the early evening waves.





  1. Visit the East London Museum

East London on a budget!

Affordable, fascinating and educational, the kids will love this: It boasts the world’s last-ever Dodo egg before the species went extinct some 400 years


Other interesting exhibitions include war-time era memorabilia specific to the formation and evolution of the Buffalo City and its surrounds.




  1. Catch some unforgettable waves at Nahoon Beach

East London on a budget!

It goes without saying that this coastal city is well known for its great surfing waves, so why not rent a board and head on down for a surf?

World-renowned for its Hawaii-like break, a surf lesson might be in order! Group lessons bring the costs down too, so go on, try something different and see if you can stand.




  1. Head out to Hood Point Lighthouse and explore East London
    East London on a budget!

A tour of this historic lighthouse sheds light on its essential role in the East London landscape and its story for the past century.

As a visit, it also boasts exceptional views and is something to consider if you’re looking for an affordable and unique day out.



  1. Grab a swim and have a picnic on the Ganubie River in East London

East London on a budget!

As the warmth of summer returns, perhaps the best day out is one enjoyed splashing about in the Ganubie River, with all of those spectacular views and shaded areas.

Free entry on most days of the week means its affordable too and is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy some relaxing vibes with family and friends.

Indeed, not everywhere costs a fortune these days and some of the best visits to East London are the ones that don’t break the bank.

Here at Greyhound, your luxurious bus solution, we’re all about finding them and helping you explore.

Travel from Johannesburg to East London from R450.00 and from Cape Town to East London from R500.00

So go on, book your Greyhound ticket today at www.greyhound.co.za or call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352 and go enjoy the Buffalo City in all of its glory!

It looks forward to seeing you – and so do we!



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