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Snow is quite a foreign concept to most residents in South Africa, appearing only now and again in the Drakensberg area. Sometimes us South Africans would like to feel what it’s like to visit an authentic ski lodge without having to save a lifetime just to spend two days in the Swiss Alps reading books about skiing because we can’t afford a lesson in foreign currency.

Good news, we have discovered this gem in Cape Town where you can have a true winter wonderland holiday without having to fork out a fortune. The Tiffindell Ski and Snowboarding Resort creates what Mother Nature can’t with a unique form of artificial snow upon which guests can roll, ski, snowboard and do whatever else goes with the territory.


Did you know?

Set in the highest Alpine region of South Africa, Tiffindell is rated number 19 on CNN’s “Top 100 ski runs in the world”. Don’t believe us? Go and see for yourself.  Don’t let the artificial snow fool you; the weather can drop to temperatures synonymous with that of a real ski lodge in the Swiss Alps.


Are you an inexperienced skier?

Of course most of us wouldn’t have any skiing experience so those interested can join the ski school at the resort offering three months of skiing and snowboarding lessons during June, July and August.  Guests who do not wish to ski can enjoy the snow in the form of snowball fights, snow angels and snowmen.


Besides epic ski fails, discover more fun and madness within this resort

Take in the splendid view with a ski lift ride, warm your belly with a hot meal at “Yeti’s Retreat Pub” and top the day off with a glass of spicy Gluhwein while cuddling beneath a blanket in front of the fireplace.

Have you ever had the pleasure of taking a shooter in South Africa’s highest pub? Let me rephrase that, have you ever had the pleasure of taking a shooter while hanging upside down from the roof of South Africa’s highest pub?

At the “Ice Station 2720” guests can sample unique and old favourite cocktails or take up the “Upside Downers” challenge where guests are dared to hang upside down from the resort’s roof while trying to down shooters of their choice. Madness in its most enjoyable form. Can you think of a better way to spend your winter holiday?

Have you visited Tiffindell before? Share your experience with us; we would love to hear all about it.


You are welcome to visit their website to make your booking but how are you going to get in Cape Town? With Greyhound of course! Don’t forget to book your bus ticket too.



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