Exploring Pietermaritzburg? This Greyhound guide should help!

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Pietermaritzburg is perhaps most famous for its history in the Comrades Marathon as the start or end of the world-famous race.

Beyond that it is most often seen as ‘the place before Durban’ and perhaps it doesn’t get the love that it deserves, however, if you explore it with Greyhound and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

A gem just an hour from Durban, it boasts many interesting and beautiful visits and here’s proof – five worth exploring the next time you’re there:

Be intrigued by the KwaZulu-Natal Museum

Exploring Pietermaritzburg? This Greyhound guide should help

A rich treasure of natural and human history, the KZN museums boasts some of the most interesting artefacts in the country and the world. Both insightful and educational it gives you a refreshing look into the Africa that created us.

From seashells to insects, to African cultural products and crafts, this is one for the family that’s looking for an outing both educational and insightful.

Have a picnic in the Cumberland Nature Reserve
Exploring Pietermaritzburg? This Greyhound guide should help

With beautiful views and scenic pools, the Cumberland Nature Reserve is the perfect spot for a picnic. Gather the family and escape to nature – this bird lover’s paradise might just be the escape you need!

If biking is your thing, take along your bicycle and get in some exercise. This reserve is well preserved for the adventurous at heart.

Enjoy a safari at the Alberts Falls Dam Nature Reserve

Alberts Falls Dam Nature Reserve

Highly rated for its animal viewing, the Alberts Falls Dam Nature Reserves boasts giraffe, zebra, several South African buck and our ever-beloved rhino.

If a safari is your thing then, this must-see gem is just a stone’s throw from Pietermaritzburg and is a taste of Africa at its finest. Take the kids and let them do the spotting!

Have a cup of tea at the Rosehurst

Exploring Pietermaritzburg? This Greyhound guide should help

The gardens at Rosehurst are beautiful. It’s themed like old Victorian England, boasting extraordinary trimmed hedges and beautiful colour themed spaces peppered with informal art.

Enjoy high tea while you’re there and indulge in some sweet chocolate delicacies.

Explore the Msunduzi Museum – it’s our fascinating story

Exploring Pietermaritzburg? This Greyhound guide should help

The Msunduzi encapsulates the intriguing history of South Africa and its wonderful tapestry of people. From the Voortrekker movement to its Indian influences and struggle for democracy, the museum documents our hope for a better tomorrow by looking into our fascinating past.

One for every South African, it’s a Maritzburg visit ready to inspire.


Pietermaritzburg is so much more than a place between ‘here and Durban’. It’s a visit all on its own – filled with intrigue, beauty and many friendly people. With Greyhound buses that will get you there and back again in luxury, we cannot recommend it enough.

Visit it with us. Book online now at www.greyhound.co.za or call us on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352.

Safe travels!

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