Family Fun Month! 5 ways to celebrate family with Greyhound

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We smell spring! Yes, soon the cold months will be over and summer will be cooking…

Here at Greyhound, the most luxurious way to travel by bus in South Africa, we’re heating up too. Jip, we’re prepping for Family Fun Month and all that family-filled awesomeness!

So, where are you taking your family for a little bit of fun this August? Well, if you haven’t decided yet, let us sway you with these 5 family-fun solutions.

Let’s make some memories!

  1. Ready, steady, picnic!

Family Fun Month! 5 ways to celebrate family with Greyhound

There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air with some family and friends. Soccer, snacks and a whole lot of fun – or lazy cricket in the winter sun! Take a nap or take a walk, a picnic to savour is one to remember.

In Joburg, head on over to Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens. In KZN, the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve in Pinetown is one to cherish – and in CT, well, where else but the mighty Kirstenbosch?


  1. An amusement park to get the heart going!

Family Fun Month! 5 ways to celebrate family with Greyhound

There’s nothing quite like Family Fun when that fun’s upside down. Gold Reef City regulars will tell you that that’s the way it should be!

Then there’s the Valley of the Waves at Sun City – an oasis to be treasured in the heart of safari country! Try out the Temple of Courage if you’re feeling courageous – or don’t if you’re feeling a little queasy. Either way, the family will love it!

Just like they’ll love uShaka down in Durbs by the way, where winter never comes and the water’s always warm.

  1. Watch a movie – but let the ladies choose!

Here at Citiliner, we know that families come in all ages, shapes and sizes, so some might prefer the peace to be found in popcorn…

Ahh, Pop Corn. There ain’t nothing like it if you like it! For the rest of us, there’s always slush puppies, Smarties and good ol’ addictive Whispers. Mmm…

Whatever your craving, make it a movie for all! But, let the girls decide: It’s also Women’s Month, after all.

Thanks Dad!

  1. Games, games, games and the money-saving fun to be found at home

Family Fun Month! 5 ways to celebrate family with Greyhound

Never underestimate the fun to be found in a good game of couch charades. Let it follow a family-fun braai and the hours it will take to decide who’s on whose team…

I pick you Mom!

Now, the key to charades is to always pick family members who think like you; ones who have your strengths, you know? Regardless, the fun to be found in games night done right will leave you in stitches – and your wallet without them.

  1. Visit some long-lost family in a place far away!

When was the last time you saw the cousins – or that Aunty? Or that Oom? When was the last time you visited uGogo and gave her a warm and loving hug?

Here at Greyhound, we believe in family and we love our hugs! So why not grab a Greyhound bus ticket and go give a long, loving few?

Time with loved ones, after all, is the best gift there is.

Look, whatever you do and however you do it, travel safely, have a whole lot of family-filled fun and, if you need us, give us a shout!

You can book your Greyhound trip today at or call us on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352. Better still, come on in to say hi at your nearest Greyhound/Citiliner office.

See you soon!


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