Five must-see Heritage sites with Greyhound

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South Africa is filled with extraordinary heritage sites, both natural and manmade, and some are the most extraordinary visits not only in the country, but the world.

Here at Greyhound, where we travel to most corners of South Africa most of the time, we’re all about uncovering every last bit of heritage and celebrating it. That’s what Heritage Day on 24 September is all about.

Here are five heritage sites to consider as you plan for the Heritage Day long weekend.

  1. Robben Island, Cape Town

Five must-see Heritage sites with Greyhound

Not much more can be said about the most famous historical heritage site of them all. Yes, Robben Island!  Made most famous by Nelson Mandela’s incarceration, its extraordinary human history actually umbrellas hundreds of years. Some of the other famous names held on the island include the Xhosa prophet, Makhanda Nxele, some 150 years before Nelson Mandela was even born. Plan your trip and book your Greyhound bus ticket to Cape Town.



  1. Pilgrim’s Rest , Mpumalanga

Five must-see Heritage sites with Greyhound


One of the most intriguing visits in South Africa gives light to an era long gone and a town, which, believe it or not, was once the epicentre of South Africa’s gold rush. Its small, quirky essence is now matched only by its sense of history and place in South Africa and is definitely a Lowveld visit worth taking. There is magic to be found in its story! Book you Greyhound bus ticket to Nelspruit where you can then make your way to Pilgrim’s Rest.




  1. The Cradle of Human Kind Heritage Sites , Gauteng

Five must-see Heritage sites with Greyhound

A history that runs for millions of years, the Cradle of Human Kind is not only an extraordinary visit for its sheer, khaki-draped beauty but more so for its sense of place in our global story. Home to the Sterkfontein caves and some of the world’s oldest Hominid skeletons, it is a day’s wonder of ancient history. Worth a visit so close to Joburg, one that the whole family will love! Book your Greyhound bus ticket to

Johannesburg and visit The Cradle of Human Kind.



  1. Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape, Northern Cape

Five must-see Heritage sites with Greyhound

Far from the lives that most of us live, tucked away in the north-west corner of South Africa, is a heritage landscape of endless horizons and an epic sense of emptiness. It is the Richtersveld, which contains some of the oldest peoples and habits on the planet, and an absolute sense of pure Africaness. It’s the perfect getaway! Take a bus to Durban and make your way to this famous heritage site.





5.    uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park, KwaZulu-Natal

Five must-see Heritage sites with Greyhound

The Drakensberg is one of the best known and most visited places in South Africa. It is filled with breath-taking views, extraordinary wildlife, and as is always the in South Africa. A sense of majesty. It extends over a huge space, from KZN into parts of Lesotho. It is widely regarded as a premium destination for hikers and mountain climbers around the world. Take a bus with Greyhound on our Pretoria -Johannesburg – Newcastle – Durban service and get off at Mooi River.



In a country filled with so many historical, majestic and downright intriguing heritage sites, it’s hard to choose five. Here at Greyhound, where you can get luxury bus tickets in South Africa. We can only hope that these five will give you some idea about how to best celebrate Heritage Day.

Book your trip with Greyhound today anytime on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352 or visit us at

Happy Heritage Day!




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