April getaway with Greyhound

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With public holidays around every corner this April, now is a better time than any to get away with Greyhound – the luxurious way.

Yes, Friday 19 April, Monday 22 April and Thursday 27 April are all public holidays in South Africa, which makes it a great time to head on home to see the family or just to get away because you deserve it.

By bus is always an affordable way to travel, but on Greyhound it’s luxurious too. Our Dreamliner coaches are the best in the business and will leave you feeling relaxed before you even arrive. Once on board, sit back, relax and take in our industry-leading leg room and 150° reclining seats.

But where’s good to visit this April?

Whether it’s a luxury bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town, from Durban to Pretoria or most places in between, be assured that we’ll have you covered.

In fact, from the Cape to Polokwane, from KZN to Kimberley, from the hills of the Transkei to the golden fields of the Free State, we’ll have you luxuriously covered. So what’s your destination then? Find a route here.

Okay, but what if I’m crossing borders?

A trip abroad? Well, lucky you! But, if you’re heading to Zimbabwe or Mozambique, remember to bring your passport and make sure that it’s valid for at least 6 months after your date of return. Importantly, you don’t need a visa to enter these countries if you are a South African citizen, but if you’re travelling with someone younger than 18 years old, they’ll need their unabridged birth certificate too, including their passport. Don’t forget yours!

So now that I’m booked and ready to go, where’s my bus?

If we’re running late, it’s not something that happens often and we apologise. But, conveniently, on our website, you can now track your bus and keep in the loop. Yes, that’s right, no matter where you’re boarding, you can now see your bus at all times and know when it’s arriving.

How? Well, when on greyhound.co.za, click the bus icon, register and then use your ticket reference number to find your coach.

You’re welcome!

But, on board is boring – now what? A movie will do…

Greyhound’s WiFi-powered Movies-on-the-Move is a service that lets you choose from over 50 movies while you travel, broadcasted straight to your smart device or phone.

Here’s how it works: Turn your WiFi on and connect to Greyhound-on-the-Move. Open your internet browser and type:

Then, select your flick, sit back and enjoy. Yes, convenience comes standard with luxury, didn’t you know?


So what are you waiting for? Book your Greyhound bus ticket right now at www.greyhound.co.za or call us on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352.

Safe travels this April – and enjoy that deserved break!

April getaway with Greyhound – routes, movies and a whole lot of legroom April getaway with Greyhound – routes, movies and a whole lot of legroom April getaway with Greyhound – routes, movies and a whole lot of legroom

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