Ghosts that haunt from roadside in South Africa

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Who doesn’t like a good ghost story? In the book, Ghosts of South Africa, Pat Hopkins sheds some light on these ghosts and offers some insight into how the legends were born. Here are some of the ghosts that you might encounter while on the road, courtesy of Greyhound.

The ghost of Uniondale

Thanks to a recent South African film, the ghost of Uniondale is a familiar tale. The story goes that Maria Roux perished while sleeping on the passenger side of the car her fiancé had crashed. This happened on an Easter Sunday. Today it is believed that the dark-haired Maria Roux can be seen just outside of Uniondale, hitchhiking. It is furthermore believed that should you grant her a lift, that she would vanish within a few kilometres further. The scent of apple blossoms is the only reminder she leaves behind for her stunned drivers.

Murdered soldier – 53 Hospital Road, Durban

Durban’s Point road is well-known for its nightlife offerings. Back in the 40s, Rosie Dry, a famous madam, owned several brothels. Her office was located on the corner of Point and Hospital roads. This exact location is said to be haunted, but not by Rosie however. Apparently, she had murdered a soldier in 1944 and wheeled his body to a dance joint in a wheelbarrow. It is now believed that the same soldier haunts the area where Rosie’s office was situated.

Youth Day ghosts – Soweto

We are all familiar with the tragic events that transpired in Soweto on 16 June 1976, which is now known as Youth Day. To refresh your memory, scores of school children assembled at Orlando Stadium in protest against Afrikaans. When police officially stepped in violence followed and both Hastings Ndlovu and schoolboy Hector Peterson was shot dead by Apartheid authorities. Today it is said by some that young Hector Peterson’s ghost can still be seen with his hand clenched in a fist at the foot of the rocky knoll after sunset. It is further stated that if you are patient enough and it is quiet enough, you will be able to hear the faint sound of gunfire.

Haunted roadside cemetery, Port Elizabeth

On 31 August 1902, a strong Gale ripped through Algoa Bay claiming 21 sea vessels and more than 41 lives. It is said that funerals had been a daily occurrence following the disaster. Many of those bodies were buried in the South End Cemetery where it is said that their ghosts still wander to this day.

Do you believe in ghosts or have encountered paranormal phenomenon while on the road? Do share your views in the comments section below. Be sure to be on the lookout for these and other activities while on the road with Greyhound.

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