Greyhound Anti Road Rage

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Road rage has increased significantly over the past few years, both in South Africa and on a global scale. This increase can mostly be attributed to the increase in traffic and congestion on the roads, as well as the increase in the need to live a fast-paced life. As a result of these factors, drivers that are already prone to violent outbursts and egotistical behavior tend to become more aggressive towards complete strangers on the road.
Road Rage is defined as any ‘out of proportion’ reaction to a daily reality. It causes those prone to anger issues to lash out and become more critical of the actions of other drivers on the roads. Behaviors associated with road rage, such as tailgating, excessive hooting, illegal overtaking, selfishness, assault (either physical or verbal), and deliberate obstruction or impatience, have been grafted slowly into our culture as a result of lenient law enforcement making it seem as if these methods are acceptable.
Road Rage, as common as it is in our society, is an incredibly dangerous occurrence, and affects not only the intended victim and offender, but may result in the harm of innocent bystanders both physically and psychologically.
The level of road range incidents involving busses is almost non-existent compared to cars and motorcycles. This is generally due to the higher level of training and professionalism in the employed bus drivers, as well as the fact that busses generally have stipulated lanes and/or guidelines to follow.
Because of the low tendency of road rage shown by bus drivers across the board, passengers are ensured a more relaxed, safer and more efficient journey than those in cars and on two-wheeled vehicles.
Greyhound South Africa employs only the best drivers to run the inter-province and country-to-country routes that have made Greyhound an internationally renowned luxury bus service provider. Bus routes offered by Greyhound South Africa include all major cities within South Africa (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, etc), as well as routes to neighboring countries like Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Visit the Greyhound South Africa website or call the 24-hour dedicated customer care line on 087 352 0352 for more details on routes, prices and departure and/or time information.
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