Greyhound Facebook App

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Greyhound Facebook App


Since most people use Facebook on almost a daily basis now, being able to book tickets and buy products straight from a Facebook page is something that helps tremendously.


Greyhound South Africa now features a handy App on the Facebook home page that provides the client with any information they might possibly need. Once you have clicked on the Greyhound app icon (which is the last link to the right of your screen, just beneath the Greyhound cover photo), you will be able to choose from one of five tabs, including the Home button (that lets you fill out your information to sign up for special offers), the ‘Support’ tab, which lets you read through a list of FAQ’s regarding Greyhounds products and services,  “Bookings’ which allows you to book your ticket straight from Facebook, the ‘Timetable’ which gives you detailed lists of departure and arrival times, and finally the ‘Specials’ page which gives you information on any special offers that are running at that particular moment.


Greyhound is one of the most successful and recognized luxury bus service companies in the world. Greyhound South Africaoffers bus routes that range between provinces, cities and even countries. The biggest international bus routes offered by Greyhound include South Africa to Zimbabwe, South Africa to Mozambique and South Africa to Namibia, as well as frequent trips between Johannesburg and various other cities in SA.


For more information on Greyhound South Africa and the routes available from your city, visit the Greyhound South Africa websiteand find your area.

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