Greyhound introduces the new Dreamliner – First of its kind in Africa

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Come a little closer… Your perception of coach travel is about to change.

Greyhound has recently unveiled the new Dreamliner, the first coach of its kind in Africa, in an extraordinary display. What sets this new coach apart from its counterparts? Come, step on board our new Dreamliner with its pristine wooden floor and allow us to welcome you with a complimentary newspaper and water and take you on an exclusive tour of this new coach.

Upon boarding the new Dreamliner, you’ll notice the 1:2 seating ratio allowing for wider aisle space and moving comfort. The memory foam executive sleeper seats recline 180 degrees allowing each passenger to recline, relax and indulge in a little nap without invading the space of the passenger sitting behind. The seats are situated in such a way as to provide more legroom than ever before.

Each seat in the Premium section is equipped with individual charging points to ensure you stay connected with your loved ones throughout your journey. Greyhound’s superior on board entertainment system, another first of its kind in Africa, provides passengers with the ability to stream a host of movies on their laptops, tablets or smartphones using the Wi-Fi available on board.


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Fancy reading a book instead? Each seat on the new Dreamliner has an LED night light set allowing passengers to read their complimentary newspapers or a book into the wee hours of the night. Each seat features individual air conditioning enabling passengers to set it so as to remain as cool or as snug as they’d like throughout the journey.

It takes a team of highly skilled individuals to ensure your safety and comfort. This is why everyone from our drivers through to our office staff and cabin crew is carefully selected and trained to ensure your every need is taken care of. Each Dreamliner has a skilled and trained dedicated cabin attendant to attend to every passenger’s need.


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Greyhound is proud to not only have set the bar but raised it in the coach travel industry in South Africa. We can say that, without a doubt, the new Dreamliner introduces ultra-luxury and technological excellence the likes of which you’re yet to experience someplace else.

Explore. Discover. Dream.


With Greyhound you can do it all, see it all while travelling in unprecedented comfort.


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