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grey·hound- noun- /ˈgreɪˌhaʊnd/ Show Spelled[grey-hound] 1. of a breed of tall, slender, short-haired dogs, noted for its keen sight and swiftness. When one considers the above definition, one can only understand why the Greyhound has been operating for 28 very successful years. Our Livery has seen some significant changes over the years but our commitment to safety, service and comfort has always been top class! Why Fly or Drive when you can take the Greyhound.
If you like the idea of having everything taken care of for you, from the moment you book your ticket to the moment you return… and if you like the idea of meeting people who are a pleasure to travel with… then award-winning Greyhound is your perfect choice and Partner. In fact we pride ourselves in being the “People’s choice “ in travel. Greyhound is available from departure points across South-Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. With all these departure points and hundreds (130 to be exact) of destinations to choose from, there is sure to be a journey perfect for you. It's not just our valued guests who think Greyhound is great – the travel industry has also given a string of awards in recognition of commitment to superb value, service and safety. One only has to visit our user-friendly website to view the string of accolades awarded-
Safety & Service
The ultimate experience in coaching comfort that everyone is talking about..with a cabin attendant attending to your every need. Imagine combining the comfort of your chair with a journey through South-Africa, enjoying unsurpassed panoramic views and sunsets. Smiles are standard.. Super comfortable seats, legroom, a magazine pocket, drop- down service table and even your own audio headphones. Entertainment on demand. Every seat can be reclined, for greater comfort. These are only a few of our favourite things.. All you have to do is experience the breathtaking scenery like a fierce Greyhound.. Fully air-conditioned and temperature controlled at all times. We hardly blame our valued guests for nodding off from time to time….sheer bliss.
Our safety record is impeccable and safety will always remain non- negotiable. All coaches are monitored 24/7 via Satellite Tracking giving you peace of mind. These are only a few reasons why Greyhound has remained the preferred and leading carrier with travelers. Quality and safety is never compromised.
At Greyhound our Valued guests remain our most valuable asset and we will always remain flexible and sensitive to their needs. Ultimately, we travel for you.
Greyhound: “The People’s Choice!”. Let us create your memories…
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