Greyhound Precautions

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The fast paced lifestyle that has become common in society plays a role in every aspect of our lives. For instance, waiting for a bus to arrive, or having to be patient while waiting for a late bus, has become something that causes stress, anger and even anxiety among many people.


When travelling with a charter or luxury liner bus, it is important to be as organized as possible from the beginning in order to save time for yourself and others. For instance, while booking your ticket, via whichever method you may choose, whether it’s online, by telephone, cellphone or over the counter, be as observant as possible. Record every detail of your departure time, booking number, reference number, arrival destination and consultant. Doing this will ensure that if, for any reason, you may need to follow up on the booking confirmation or collection, or to refer to your booking for future record, you have all of the relevant details available.


When arriving at the terminal to board the bus, make sure to get there 30-45 minutes before the time, in case of any unforeseen changes to departure times, mechanical problems and booking issues. These issues all take time to resolve, so getting there ahead of time will provide enough leeway for anything you may encounter.


When waiting for the bus to arrive or depart, make sure to have something to keep you busy, such as a book, music player, laptop or any other form of entertainment you would like (within reason).


Also, when waiting and boarding, make sure to have your ticket, Identity document and passport on hand (where applicable). This will speed up the boarding process and stop any incidents of confusion from happening.


Remember that bus travel takes time and may be subject to circumstances that may delay the trip. There is usually nothing anyone can do to rush these delays, so it will be in your interest, and in the interest of all of those involved to stay as comfortable as possible.


Bus routes offered by Greyhound South Africa include all major cities within South Africa (Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, etc), as well as routes to neighboring countries like Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Visit the Greyhound South Africa website or call the 24-hour dedicated customer care line on (083) 915-9000 or 011611 8000 for more details on routes, prices and departure/ Arrival times.

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