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Bus trips are usually quite mundane experiences. They usually get spent watching the same movie in a tiny screen for hours on end, or listening to a playlist that hasn’t been relevant for years. If this doesn’t get you through to the end of the trip, you usually find yourself sleeping the entire trip away in hopes that the next time you open your eyes your destination will be waiting for you.


The best solution for this is to invest in a good handheld gaming system (because carrying a television and an Xbox around might be a bit inconvenient). The new PS Vita is the newest in the line of current-generation handheld consoles. Its design is based largely on the old PSP system, but has been redesigned to look and feel like everything you expect from high definition gaming, complete with dual analog controls, trigger buttons, voice input, front and rear cameras and all of the latest titles from major game developers.


The Vita utilizes more traditional cartridge style inputs to hold games and movies, and includes Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity for online gaming and networking (although the 3G connectivity is not available in South Africa yet). These features come together on a solid full HD OLED multi-gesture touch screen and innovative touch pad on the rear of the device. This new rear touch pad and six-axis motion sensor technology gives games an interactive feel, allowing you to control movement and sensitivity like never before.


The battery on the device will last for around 5 hours with constant gameplay, and charges in no time. You can even use the flash memory card, which works up to 128GB to store music and other media if you want to spend your time in other ways.


For the price you’re paying, which averages around R2800 at most retailers, the PS Vita is a nifty companion to have on any trip, regardless of its length, and anyone taking one on a lengthy bus trip will find it over in no time at all.


Greyhound is one of the most successful and recognized luxury bus service companies in the world. Greyhound South Africa routes offered by Greyhound include South Africa to Zimbabwe, South Africa to Mozambique and South Africa to Namibia, as well as frequent trips between Johannesburg and various other cities in SA.


For more information on Greyhound South Africa and the routes available from your city, visit the Greyhound South Africa website and find your area.

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