Greyhound SA brings you the Dreamliner!

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Greyhound, a brand synonymous with long-distance road travel, was the first South African coach operator to introduce intercity coach services way back in 1984. Since then, the company has established itself as the country’s most-awarded intercity coach liner, offering passengers affordable, and safe, reliable and convenient travel to 150 destinations on the sub-continent.
Today, Greyhound boasts a range of services that make long-distance travel accessible to almost everyone, from convenient booking and payment options, to a choice of economy or luxury-class seats. 
This year, Greyhound will launch its first “business class” service with the introduction of the Greyhound Dreamliner, an ultra-luxury coach that brings new levels of comfort and technological excellence to the southern African intercity coach market. Greyhound is the first coach operator in Africa to deploy the Dreamliner (also known as the Volvo B450R Paradiso G7 1 800 DD) in its commercial fleet.
Leon Engelbrecht, divisional director of Greyhound’s holding company, Unitrans Passenger, says, “The local intercity coach market is growing year-on-year and, while affordability remains a driving factor, I believe there is a need for a premium service offering more luxury. The Greyhound Dreamliner coach is the first of its kind in Africa, and offers unprecedented levels of comfort and space that are akin to business-class airline compartments.” 
The new 60-seater double-decker Dreamliner is built by bus body-builder Marcopolo South Africa and apart from its distinctive streamlined exterior and polished alloy rims, the new G7 1 800 DD Paradiso coach-body boasts a host of features that significantly enhance passenger comfort and facilitate a really good sleep.
“The Dreamliner’s ‘memory foamed’ executive sleeper seats recline through 150° and have more legroom than any other luxury coach on the market,” adds Marco Guedes from Marcopolo South Africa. “Each seat is equipped with a four-channel audio/ visual selector panel for music and movies. Volume-adjustable headphones are available for purchase on the coach to enhance the viewing experience of our movies, which are screened on 23-inch monitors. LED night-reading light sets and individual air-conditioning outlets are also available and each seat on the lower deck is equipped with a plug to recharge laptops and cellphones.” The 1:2 seating configuration on the lower deck and 2:2 seat configuration on the upper deck allows for wide aisles, providing for easy movement of passengers and stewardesses Complimentary refreshments are offered to all passengers on all Dreamliner trips. Greyhound’s technical director, Leon Nelson, explains that, “Apart from continuously improving vehicle safety as well as passenger and driver comfort, Greyhound 
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