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Long trips can be a bore. Even with fancy gadgets, music, reading material and any entertainment you can think of to keep you company, it is always possible to find yourself short of something to do.


The only way to cure yourself of boredom is to suck it up and find something to do. For anyone inclined towards reading, one of the most helpful and convenient trends that has developed over the past 5 years is the rise of the e-book and e-book reader. These nifty devices allow you to carry around countless books in your pocket, ready to be tackled whenever you see fit. Originally (with devices such as the e-Reader) reading may have been confined to a well-lit area, much like traditional reading. However, at the forefront of the current age of e-book readers comes a competition between Apple’s iPad (what’s new) and Amazon’s Kindle range.


Now, don’t get me wrong, either of these tablets will handle e-books and management perfectly (along with a host of other tasks from internet browsing, messaging, e-mail, music and gaming), Apple’s ingenuity and technological prowess seems to win every time, and the iPad’s ability to manage tasks and keep you entertained make it a must have companion on any long distance trips you plan on taking. The App Store also contains a Kindle E-reader App designed by Amazon themselves that ports all of the e-reading capabilities of the Kindle range to the iPad’s High-res screen.


The Kindle is by no means a bad choice, especially the latest offering, the ‘Kindle Fire’, and the Amazon Bookstore has more books available than you can ever hope to read.


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