Greyhound’s Top Tips for the Modern Bus Traveller

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Greyhound’s Top Tips for the Modern Bus Traveller

Planning a trip in a foreign country, or even your own for that matter can be a daunting task. Finding a reliable means of transport while exploring your destination of choice is a vital part of planning for any trip. Bus travel is one option worth considering. Travelling by bus gives you the freedom to explore a holiday destination in comfort and safety. Choosing a safe and reliable bus service is vital. We break down a few of the things to watch out for and give you some advice for making the perfect holiday memories.

At Greyhound, we do everything we can to ensure your comfort whilst you adventure. We are passionate about connecting our customers to the places they love, in the cosiest way possible. And so, along with the assurance of comfortable, safe and clean coaches, we want to give you a few handy tips for longer bus trips, to make your voyage that much more pleasant. Because with Greyhound, it’s not about the hours, it’s about the moments.


Choose a Reputable Bus Line

Deciding on who to travel with is a vital start. As you set out to conquer the miles, you need to know that you’re being escorted by a reputable bus line. You’ll be with them for hours, maybe days, and they’ll need to be able to offer you comfort with the assurance of unquestionable safety.

At Greyhound, our bus fleet is a collection of luxury coaches, all maintained above standard and decked out with not only modern conveniences, but all the trappings of a business class plane flight.

At the Station

You’ve booked a bus and it’s time to embark.

Remember, though, that a bus station can be chaotic. Buses line the platforms in no order. Vehicles of all manner crowd the drop off zones; venders hustle and bustle. And of course, there’s often a frenzy of wild-eyed adventurers, such as yourself, champing to be off.

To avoid the very chilling notion of boarding the wrong bus in the confusion, it’s best to ask the officials. And once they’ve pointed you in the right direction, ask again.
Then, board your bus as quick as you can.


Pack Well & Snack Well

As you know, your main luggage will have to be stored in the baggage cabin under the bus en-route. There’s often no order to it, and you’ll not be able to retrieve anything from your bags as you journey. Make sure you have everything you need for the trip. Be it extra water, a pillow, even a change of clothes.

At Greyhound, we offer a complement of hosting and on-board services during most routes. We do, however, recommend you pack something of your own. A handy snack goes a long way should you start to feel the journey is taking its toll.

Entertain Yourself

This point is a given. The excited, wild-eyed passengers back at the station would mostly likely all have turned bleary and sullen by mid-journey. But there’s nothing better than retreating into your own world whilst traversing a new landscape.

Pack your bevy of electronic devices (make sure they’re charged). Pack a book or two. Create multiple road trip playlists and cycle through them as you take in the countryside. Any way that you can entertain yourself will help change your outlook during a long journey, and smooth the way.

Stretch your Legs

Greyhound’s comprehensive intercity network has been devised for not only safe travel, but convenience wherever possible.

This means that we have pre-planned rest stops at specific intervals to curb passenger discomfort and cabin fever.

Use these to your best advantage. Wherever and whenever possible, make a point to get up out of that seat, disembark and get out to where the air is fresh. A good session of leg-stretching does wonders for a weary traveller’s heart.

To book a trip with Greyhound, or to find out more about our bus services, journey specials, route maps and more, CLICK HERE.[/fusion_text]

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