Happy Birthday to us! Here are 34 facts about being 34 years young

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On 18 July, Greyhound turns 34 years old so if you’re thinking of getting us a gift, now’s the time…

Just joking! As travellers on the most luxurious coaches in South Africa, your presence is gift enough and no doubt, making you feel cared-for, comfortable and timeously safe, is always our gift to you.

But, as you suspected, we’re gearing up to give you even more, especially if you share a birthday with us this 18 July. If you do, let us know, because you’re in for a treat…

In the meantime, here are 34 facts about Greyhound that you might not know – so take a read-through and count how many you do.

Happy birthday to us!  And, if 18 July is yours too, happy birthday to you.


Happy Birthday to us! Here are 34 facts about being 34 years young

1. Did you know that to celebrate our 34th birthday, we will be giving away 34x 20% discount vouchers when you purchase your ticket at our terminals
2. Did you know that we were the first luxury coach operator to start an intercity scheduled service back in 1984? Jip, time flies when you’re doing what you love!
3. Did you know that we’ve carried over a million passenger’s over 25 million km? and we have 53 Greyhound busses, 744 staff and more than 100 routes. Insane!
4. Our intercity network covers all the major cities in South Africa as well as Harare and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, and Maputo in Mozambique. Oh yes, soon we will also be Blantyre, Malawi, but hey, we’d hate to spoil the surprise…
5. Did you know that we’re a part of Unitrans Passenger, which is a world class transport solution in the commuter, personnel, intercity and tourism markets? Nice!
6. Yes, it’s true, we also have amazing partnerships with the likes Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Capitec and many leading travel agents. Nicer!
7. Did you know that if you travel with us, you immediately fall under Helivac’s Emergency Services? With us, safety is standard.

Greyhound Busses


8. Did you know that we offer movies on demand to keep all of our passengers entertained when bussing with us? You’re welcome!
9. Did you know that all of our busses undergo regular maintenance and pre-trip safety inspections? Again, safety is standard!
10. Did you know that our uber-luxurious Dreamliner Coaches hit the road last year and they’re redefining the industry? Truth.
11. Did you know about our loyalty programme? This exclusive traveling club earns you points while you travel, which you can exchange for free tickets. Now that’s more like it!
12. Did you know that we have a cost-effective little brother? It’s called Citiliner and it’s one of the cheapest ways to travel in Africa.
13. Did you know that all our buses have 24-hour vehicle tracking and drive cams? As always – safety comes first.
14. Did you know that we post regular posts about travelling with us? They’re full of smart ideas, tips and sometimes, just sometimes, they’re quite funny! Well – we try…
15. Did you know that our Dreamliner route heads to Harare, Zimbabwe? Luxury to the ninth degree, border-crossing and all…
16. Did you know that Greyhound is, quite literally, the People’s Choice? Jip, we’ve been voted the number 1 bus company by The Star and Pretoria News. Impressive…

Greyhound Busses

17. Did you know that on long trips we stop often enough so you can go about your business and buy some food with pleasure? Meal stops are a good time to stretch those legs!
18. Did you know that Business class on the Dreamliner boasts memory foam seats that recline to 150 degrees? Now that there is good news!
19. Did you know that despite being available for you 24/7 via telephone, we also have over 20 offices nationwide with many smiling consultants eager to help you? Go and say hello!
20. Did you know that almost all our coaches have USB charging points, so you will be able to charge your phone as you chill and travel? Thank goodness.
21. Did you know that we offer discounts for pensioners, students, nurses and members of the SANDF? Of course we do.
22. Did you know that Greyhound sometimes uses Mega Coach buses when we’re really busy? Truthfully, it doesn’t matter at all! They’re exactly the same with the same quality throughout.
23. Did you know that we just don’t stop innovating? We are always looking for new routes to help you. So, get in touch and offer some suggestions.
24. Did you know that you can view all Greyhound routes on our website at greyhound.co.za/route-map/? Convenient, we know.
25. Did you know that our call centres are filled with every day superheroes who are ready to deal with your requests, enquiries or complaints?
26. Did you know that we have three types of coaches? A single-decker, a double-decker and our flagship – the top of the top – her Majesty, the Dreamliner.
27. Did you know that you can contact us on Facebook and Twitter and we will call you back? Perfect.
28. Did you know that our single decker bus has 52 luxurious reclining seats that offer more space than any other? Well, it does.
29. Did you know that our double-decker bus has 68 of the same comfy and spacious seats? Who knew?
30. Did you know that if you’re looking to privately charter a bus, that you can with us? It will be a pleasure.
31. Did you know that we care about you? That’s why we advise all travellers to bring along a little blankie or small jersey because sometimes, no matter how much we try (and we certainly do), things can get a little chilly on board.
32. Did you know that you should arrive 30 minutes before the bus departs? It’s for the best – seats that find themselves unfilled with 10 minutes to departure could be sold to standby passengers…
33. Did you know that you’re the most important part of our business? We love hearing from you and encourage you to contact us about anything that you want or need.
34. Did you know that our birthday is on 18 July – the very same day as uTata, Nelson Mandela? Well, it makes sense. As South Africa’s favourite bus service, 18 July seems appropriate.


So there you have it! 34 facts to know about a bus company 34 years young – and what a birthday pleasure it is.

Remember, if you’re also celebrating your birthday on 18 July – let us know…Who knows what gift awaits?

To book the most luxurious bus in South Africa, call us any time of any day on 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352. Or visit our website at greyhound.co.za

Safe travels!

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