Holiday preparation- how to save for your Greyhound bus ticket

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We can hardly believe how quickly we’ve travelled from January to the last two or three months of the year and we all know what that means, right? Time to book your Greyhound tickets and prepare to go on December holiday. But, wait. What if you can’t quite afford a ticket right now what with having to plan your holiday and everything? No problem. We’ve got you covered with a few tips to saving for your Greyhound bus ticket.

Determine the price of the ticket

You can easily check our ticket prices by visiting our website at and using our user-friendly booking form. Simply enter your desired departure and arrival destinations, the date you wish to travel on and return and click on ‘see available routes’. Now you will be able to determine how much your ticket is going to cost thus giving you a goal to work towards.

Save smart

Now that you know how much your bus tickets are going to cost you can set up a savings plan for yourself. Say your ticket will cost you R450, you can aim to save R70 a week for 7 to 8 weeks  or R10 a day for 45 days.

Make a change to save some change

Do you buy lunch every day? Opt to pack your lunch and save the money you would’ve spent instead. When doing grocery shopping, see where you can save some money with deals and see which foods can be replaced by more affordable options. Cut back on your entertainment budge such as going to restaurants, the movies, buying data etc. and enjoy some quality fun time with the family at home. You would be surprised where you can save money if you tried.

Save with a friend

Going on holiday with friends or family members? Why save all of the money on your own then? Have everyone save money together and when the time comes to book your tickets, it won’t be that expensive.

Stick with it

The main thing here is to keep your main goal in mind. It is so easy to start spending the money you’ve saved up but don’t. Stick to your guns and visualise that beach holiday and how you’re going to travel in luxury and style with Greyhound. Click here to book your tickets online.

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