Is your hometown Harare? Explore it like a tourist!

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Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, is well known for its friendly people, its extraordinary array of wildlife and of course, its love for sport. But, such is the luck of being spoilt by its beautiful landscapes that the wonderful people from Harare might forget to do some of the things that tourists love most about their city: To explore its awesomeness through the wondering eyes of tourist curiosity.

Of course, while going home is a special time to reconnect with family and friends – and to celebrate a hard-earned break – it may also be an opportunity to sneak in a holiday. A holiday at home! So, why not consider a few Harare outings to make your visit home that little bit more spectacular? Yes, why not be a tourist in your own brilliant Harare and why not fill your days with some hometown wonder?

Here to guide you are some interesting suggestions to make your visit home that little bit more special.

Come on Harare – let’s explore!

  1. Safari? Wild is Life is the wildest place to be!
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Image By [Wild is Life]

Well, you might have guessed it: A Safari! But, you can’t argue with what Harare does oh so well. Yes, just a 20-minute drive from the city, you’ll find this sanctuary of wildlife wonder: It’s called Wild is Life and its guests are offered a unique experience, which includes feeding lions and up-close views of elephants! Of course, we encourage you to sip some afternoon tea while you’re there – and when you can, take a deep tourist-like breath. For just beyond the fresh and sumptuous smell of homemade scones, is your beautiful and wild Harare. Take it all in.


  1. An unforgettable picnic: The National Herbarium and Botanic Garden is a shady delight
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Image By [Experience Zimbabwe]

Not as wild but just as extraordinary, The National Herbarium and Botanic Garden is a celebration of Harare’s plant life. With hundreds-of-thousands of plant specimens, trees and shrubs, you will be stunned by the sheer majesty of its diversity and the extent to which its research centres work to protect the indigenous plants of Zimbabwe. Of course, it helps that it’s the near-perfect setting for a polite picnic and understandably has become a popular location for wedding photos. Fancy a bite to eat? Well, the garden restaurant and tea house is just for you then. Enjoy!

  1. Remembering the past: The National Heroes Acre and honouring history
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Image By [Niyi David]

Every good tourist does their best to squeeze in a little history. No doubt, a visit to the National Heroes Acre is an honour, where you will find Zimbabwe’s national monument and a celebration of heroes passed. The adjoining museum is dedicated to the awakening of Africanism and the struggle against colonialism. There, artefacts, photographs, documents and other fascinating objects from the war for independence are included in what is an enrichening visit; the tomb of the Unknown Soldier will leave you contemplating the past and respectfully overwhelmed with an admiration for heroes fallen.

  1. Colours and art: The National Gallery of Zimbabwe will tickle your creativity

Some call it culture. Others call it art. Others just enjoy the creative visit and you will too! The National Gallery of Zimbabwe, located in the beautiful Harare Gardens, is a mixture of contemporary art – local, African and international artists come together in a splash of intrigue and wonder. The exhibitions are electric and change monthly, so if you’ve been before, be prepared for something breath-taking and fresh. This is a great day out for the families who love art and the paintings, photography, stone sculptures, masks and carvings of its unending splendour. Ticket please!

  1. Ready, steady, adrenaline! Country Club Karts and the art of winning
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Image By [nswsupraclub]

Sometimes faster is better, and truer words have never been spoken by go-cart lovers the world over. Even so, Country Club Carts of Harare, which offers go-cart racing for all ages, including Gran, is not necessarily about speed: Try out your driving skill and tact by keeping the competition at bay and sneaking your nose in front. Of course, adrenaline is best experienced with a dose of competition so test yourself against your long-lost cousin. Your home ground advantage might just be the key and perhaps you’ll leave with the gloating honours. What a way to spend a day!

So, are you going home or are you actually going on sneaky holiday? Why not do both? Book your ticket home today with Greyhound by visiting our website or alternatively, you can call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations: 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352



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