How to bond with your partner during a Greyhound bus trip

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Imagine you could take a Greyhound bus to anywhere you like … Imagine a world where you can reconnect with your partner. Take picturesque selfies and scenery photos. Somewhere, where all else fades away. A place where you can relax and be yourself, bask in the motion of the journey.  Take yourself far,  far away …


A Greyhound Bus is the ideal transportation method for you to realise your dreams. Go on a bus trip, no one will be tired from driving and you may even be able to enjoy a game of 20 questions … Socialise, talk and even see the most beautiful part of South Africa – its inhabitants.


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Imagine a place where you can just relax and be yourself, a place where all else fades away, and it’s just you and the wonder of each passing road. Another sunset, another tide. Perhaps you wander amongst the stars and find your hearts longing. Beaches waiting, a whole world of amazing awaits. Star-lit dinners, nights among the open skies; a “jol” with the locals or a place where you can dually relax with your partner in adventure,  Greyhound Bus line can be this exact puzzle piece that you may require to reach your epitome.


With its Dreamliner Bus Interior, you can be sure to experience a luxury feel as you relax and indulge in the absolute peace of just being. The Greyhound Dreamliner is perfect for the most amazing trip you will ever experience. The staff are trained and ready to be of service to you. Your comfort is our responsibility.


Imagine places like The Beach Camp at Paternoster, or Mantis and Moon in Umzumbe, places you can get lost at. Together or in love or separate and loving your own journey.


Imagine meeting the most amazing people and enjoying an intimate trip with your partner in adventure …  Imagine it being possible through the click of a button. With Greyhound bus transportation, it’s as easy as “click”. It’s as easy as counting to one, for any bus booking, please visit

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