How to get a proper night’s rest on a bus

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1. Board prepared

Bring a warm jacket or travel blanket with you onto the bus as the temperatures tend to drop into the chilly region when travelling overnight.

You can bring a neck pillow and book and or iPod or tablet with you in your carry bag. These items will help you fall asleep when you’re finding it difficult.

2. Dress comfortably

If you’re travelling overnight, you want to wear something comfortably like your favourite pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a hoodie. You won’t have a comfortable time falling asleep in your chinos and tie.

3. Choose your seat wisely

It is said that the seats and the back encourages a bumpier ride than the seats in the front. For optimum comfort, you should try a book a window seat since you can prop your pillow against the window. However, if the passing lights distract you, you are welcome to choose a different seat. Selected Greyhound coaches do have reclining seats and curtains for passenger comfort.

4. What to do if you can fall asleep?

Put on some earphones and listen to soothing music with your eyes closed. Allow the moving vehicle to rock you to sleep. Alternatively you can watch a movie on your tablet or read a book to tire your mind. If all else fail, you can drink a sleeping pill, a small piece, though.

5. What to do if you’re frightened of sleeping alone in a strange vehicle?

If you’re travelling with a buddy, set up a sleeping schedule where one of you stays awake and on guard while the other sleeps and swop in a few hours. If you are travelling alone, consider tiring yourself out at night and sleep during daylight hours.

6. Be careful of what you consume before sleeping

Try not to drink a lot of fluids shortly before you settle down to sleep otherwise a full bladder might just keep you awake for most parts of the night. You should stay clear of salty snacks as these encourage thirst.

7. Keep your valuable possessions safe

Hook a strap of your bag around your ankle and keep it under your seat. This way, your foot serves as an anchor should anyone want to start picking about your things. Common travel tip: Never keep all of your valuables in one place. Keep your cash in your pants pocket, credit cards in your shoes etc.

8. Spend the extra buck on booking a Dreamliner seat for ultimate comfort

Settle into a reclining memory foam seat with arm and leg rests for supreme comfort. Use your individual reading light to read a book into the wee hours of the night or purchase a pair of earphones to take advantage of our selection of audio and visual entertainment.

Now you have to tips and tools to get a proper night’s rest while travelling on a bus. Greyhound cares about its passengers’ comfort and safety. Pick a route, book a ticket and experience it for yourself.

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