How to go camping in the winter

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As the season changes and trees turn naked, all we want to do is retreat into our homes and hibernate until Spring. Why? We shouldn’t let the cold keep us from our adventures, from seeing the world out there. Also, holiday accommodation is cheaper than it is during the summer.

So we thought we’d challenge ourselves and try to convince you that camping in the winter is a spectacular idea. If we have failed by the end of this article, we direct you to our route map and advise you purchase a greyhound bus ticket and get yourself to Durban or somewhere warmer instead.

Choose a good campsite

South Africa is crowded with the world’s most stunning camping sites to choose from. Just picture the morning sun breaking through the mist hanging low over the mountainous backdrop. Book your site in advance, arrive early and make sure you pitch your tent in such a way as to catch the most sun.


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When you arrive at your campsite, the first thing you should do is make a fire. Ensure you pack matches and anything else you need to build a fire and keep it burning throughout your stay. At night, gather around and, mind the cliche, sing a song or share some stories of the old days.


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Survive on potjiekos

There’s nothing better than building a fire and making a good old potjie. However, be sure to start early, in the afternoon or so, in order to give your meat enough time to cook before dinner is served at 11 pm. The longer everyone spend around the fire to prepare the food, the warmer everyone and the atmosphere will become.


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Bring blankets

And more blankets to wrap yourself up in the night. Having someone else sleep in the tent with you will also cause an increase in temperature. Just picture lying beneath a pile of blankets, sharing ghost stories in the dark. Young or old, isn’t this what camping is all about?


camping blankets


Avoid heated swimming pools at all costs

Many campsites have heated swimming pools but do not fall for the trap. Going in and out of the hot water and into the cold will only make you sick. Not to mention how cold walking around with wet hair would be. Rather play a game of rugby or soccer to warm you up and stay occupied.


heated swimming pool holiday


Be positive

Nothing spreads as fast as negativity does. If you start complaining about the cold and wanting to go home, your mood will affect everyone else’s. So instead, be happy and thankful for the quality time you get to spend with your family and friends. Make jokes and be merry, keep the atmosphere alive and jovial. If this doesn’t work, alcohol not only livens the mood but does a good job in warming your insides… Just kidding, coffee works just as well. 😉




Scrap the whole idea and just board a Greyhound bus

Pack your things and board a Greyhound bus off to somewhere warmer for the winter holidays! View our

route map, pick a destination and let’s take you there!



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