How to go on holiday without breaking the bank

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The main reason I haven’t been on a proper holiday in almost 3 years, is because it looks like a nice vacation will cost a lot of money and I’m just not that rich. But then I discovered that vacations and holidays don’t need to cost a fortune. I discovered a few tips that you can use when planning a holiday to make it affordable without compromising on fun!

Step 1: The destination

Make sure you choose your destination according to your budget. There is no need to always go to a pricey location and this will influence your budget hugely as expensive accommodation always mean expensive food. There are lots of lesser known spots with beautiful settings and activities. For example, maybe you shouldn’t go to Malibu or Miami to see a beautiful beach. Do yourself a favour and go to Mozambique first – the setting is just as beautiful, but at half the price!

Step 2: Accommodation

This is one of the biggest expenses when going on holiday. Please don’t try to book a five star hotel on a camping budget. There are many hotels that are affordable and still clean with proper and healthy food that don’t cost you an arm or a leg. There are also many services available online that allows you to compare various hotels with each other in order to easily find the best one with the best price. This could be the difference between a 3 day trip and a 2 week trip!

Step 3: Food

It is a known fact that you eat more when you are on vacation. To the dismay of many women worldwide, this cannot be avoided. So what you should avoid when on vacation is restaurants. Try to not eat out every day when you’re on vacation, but rather choose a hotel which has breakfast and dinner included in their daily rates or book at a self-catering lodge and bring some food from home (if you’re not travelling very far obviously). You also don’t need to have a big lunch every day – simple sandwich or two could also do the trick and this can save you between R200 and R300 per day if you’re four people traveling together.

What other tips have you come across that has helped you save money for traveling? Share with us in the comments section below!

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