How to pass the time on a long bus trip

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It’s your gogo’s birthday and you’ve promised your mother 3 months ago that you would not miss it for anything. So you take the bus home and prepare yourself for the 16 hour trip. Except – how do you possibly prepare yourself for a SIXTEEN HOUR bus trip? Well, luckily I have some ideas on how you can make time fly on the bus.
Firstly you should always have a pen and some paper in your backpack. You could possibly play games like hangman with the person next to you (if they’re nice). Always take magazines and/or books with – these can provide you with hours of reading pleasure that surely makes time fly! If you get carsick from reading, then you could take an audiobook along. Obviously you will also have your smartphone with you, which can make you forget you’re on a bus for all sixteen hours. Games, music, movies, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, BBM.. Simply put: you can’t go wrong!
One other great way to pass the time, is to sleep. This is especially easy when you’re travelling through the night. If you can’t sleep, try to keep your mind occupied with small and silly things – how many of a specific car passes your bus, how many fast food restaurants do you pass, etc. It might sound silly, but you’ll be surprised to know that most people struggle to make themselves stop once they’ve started.
If you are taking a camera with you, try taking pictures of passengers asleep or a world away in thought. Not only will you have to spend time trying to do it without being seen by them, but it will also account for good laughs and funny memories.
Regardless of where you’re going, if you are taking the bus then chances are it’s far and you will need to spend a lot of time on the bus. Make sure you make use of the tips I gave you so that your trip will be over in the blink of an eye!
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