How to survive a winter in Cape Town

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Ooh, it is that time of the year when we awaken to pitch darkness in the morning, where the days grow shorter and the nights longer. Yes, we are spending winter in Cape Town this year and if you find the cold a bit unbearing, don’t suffer in silence. Here are a few tips on surviving a winter in Cape Town.


Wear your warmest clothes and then some

We give you permission to wear your parka and as many sweaters you feel comfortable in. We all experience winter months differently, some not so bad while others cannot leave the house without wearing their whole wardrobe. However, a scarf, hat, parka, boots and gloves will lead you a long way though this winter.


Get warm from the inside

It comes as no surprise that Cape Town is home to magnificent chefs so why ever would you pass on a chance to taste their magic at one of the lovely winter restaurants? Escape the dreaded cold inside a warm restaurant with wooden, gleaming decor, good company and the smell of searing meat and soup heavy in the air. Order some wine to warm you up and move on to succulent lamb shanks.

Be on the look out for restaurants serving meals at discounted prices. Plant Restaurant, La Mouette and Beluga have been known to have a special or two running.


Drive carefully during rainy days

Cape Town is known for having a couple of rainy days during the winter so be sure to drive carefully on the road as it turns slippery during wet times. Your headlights become your best friend during overcast days or when trying to navigate your way through the mist.


Don’t pass on the opportunity to see real snow

The wonderful thing about Cape Town is that in towns such as Ceres and Matroosfontein you are able to see snow. July is the best time to head out and see the snow and depending on the fall, visitors can build snowmen and experience an authentic Winter Wonderland.


Don’t sulk, there are places to be and things to see

Cape Town does not shut down during the winter months, on the contrary, you will have no excuse to stay in doors with the variety of festivals taking place this time of year. Join the locals in celebrating the diversity of the Cape and indulge in plenty of food, wine, music, art and culture; everything showcased at its best.


With these tips you should come out alive in September. Don’t overlook Cape Town’s Magic during the winter months. Face it and embrace it. Do you have more tips to share with us? Give us your opinion on winter holidays in Cape Town.


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