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On 21 March we commemorate Human Rights Day in South Africa, which is as much a celebration of our shared humanity as it is about mourning the tragedy of apartheid and the Sharpeville Massacre.

Here at Greyhound, it is also a day of reflection; when we come together as South Africans and look inwards. Our human rights after all, are the rights we share with each other to remind us of who we are, where we came from and the painless, equal and beautiful future we must always strive for.

If you’re in Gauteng this Human Rights Day, where better to reflect then than in the urban spaces that were so instrumental in the formation of who we are? Where better to commemorate Human Rights Day than in the place of gold?

Here at Greyhound, your most luxurious bussing solution, we’ve offered 5 things to do this Human Rights Day in and around Johannesburg that will best commemorate such an important and influential day. It’s the least we could do in honour of South African heroes fallen.

  1. Visit Sharpeville and The Sharpeville Memorial on Human Rights Day

Situated south of Johannesburg is the sad heart of what drives Human Rights Day in South Africa: The area where 69 people were killed in the peaceful Sharpeville protests against the apartheid government in 1960. Now, a memorial stands in its memory that includes the extraordinary and moving Human Rights Precinct.

As one of six heritage sites in the area that commemorate the massacre, it will leave you deeply humbled, but optimistic too about how far South Africa has come. As a visit, it is a stirring look into the past but also a space to honour those fallen.

  1. Visit Vilakazi Street on Human Rights Day

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The most famous of townships streets is based in Soweto, which is now a world-class tourist destination, renowned for its celebration of township culture and lifestyle. Once home to anti-apartheid stalwarts Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, it is now an urban buzz where history meets entertainment and cuisine.

But, with the Hector Pieterson memorial just nearby, it is also an area that explores the tragedy of the past and celebrates heroes fallen. It is precisely this balance, which makes it a perfect and humbling stop on 21 March.




  1. Visit the Parliament Buildings on Human Rights Day

Just north of Johannesburg, in the Jacaranda-laden streets of Tshwane, are the magnificent Parliament Buildings that rate among some of the most striking in the world. They give shade to beautiful gardens beneath them, which are laid out in perfectly cared-for levels leading into the streets of the capital below.

No doubt, they will be a striking visit this Human Rights Day, especially as the commanding statue of Nelson Mandela looks on as a reminder of the walk endured on the path to our democracy and freedom.

  1. Visit the Apartheid Museum on Human Rights Day

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Situated south of Johannesburg is the extraordinary Apartheid Museum – a world-class memorial space, which, from start to end, is as deeply moving as it is fascinating. Packed with videos, documents and artefacts from our disturbing past, there is no better way to discover where we’ve come from than the space between its walls.

It is a shocking and vivid reminder of the tragedy that moulded us and, as such, you will leave with a rejuvenated sense of the miracle achieved in its wake and the human rights we all now share.



  1. Visit any public space and celebrate each other on Human Rights Day

Gauteng was not blessed with an ocean or mountains but was blessed with a series of open spaces and parks that make it one of the most tree’d cities in the world. It is an urban forest built on the back of the gold beneath it and shaped by the diversity of people that fuel it today. Its history is both sad and remarkable, and its humanity now lives in the people all around it.

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Commemorate Human Rights Day then by celebrating in its open spaces with a picnic. Bring your loved ones and friends, and, for a moment, reflect on the ability to celebrate freely and all those who we lost who made our freedom possible.



Wherever you are this Human Rights Day, Greyhound wishes you a remarkable and moving one. But, wherever you need to be, book your Greyhound trip today by visiting our website today at www.greyhound.co.za or alternatively call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations on 011 611 8000 | 083 915 9000.

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