In dedication to women! 5 must-sees this Women’s Day

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This coming August is Women’s Month and we’re celebrating!

Yes, it’s a month that marks a very special day dedicated to all South African women who make a difference in our lives every hour of every other day…
As a bus company that’s all about making a difference, Greyhound is extending our best wishes to all the strong and resilient women out there this 9 August.
May this day be remembered for what it is: A day of triumph, to celebrate the unyielding spirit of thousands of women, of all races.

1. Visit the Women’s Monument at the Parliament Buildings

The strength of women! 5 must-visits this Women’s Day

There are many reasons to visit the Parliament Buildings in Tswhane – they’re beautiful to behold – but few are as moving and as influential as the Women’s Monument, which represents a hand grinding stone mounted on metal, symbolising the power of women. The rock came to symbolise female strength, courage and power after the protest song composed especially for the occasion.

2. Visit the Women’s Memorial in Bloemfontein

The strength of women! 5 must-visits this Women’s Day

Well known as the first-ever global monument dedicated to women and children, the Women’s Memorial was unveiled in 1913 in dedication to the thousands of Boer women and children who lost their lives in concentration camps during the second Anglo-Boer war.
Today, it stands as a symbol of the suffering and the eventually-found victory of all women in the country.

3. Visit the Olive Schreiner Memorial in Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is widely regarded as one of the top holiday destinations in the country and is a maze of beautifully curated hilly streets and epic False Bay views. Little known though is a memorial there dedicated to author Olive Schreiner, whose works and life were influential in the lives of South African women.
Now, her memorial is set beneath the Cape’s finest mountains, and her empowering legacy will live on forever.

4. Visit the Gamtoos River and remember Saartjie Baartman

The Gamtoos River situated near Port Elizabeth and Jeffrey’s Bay has many reasons to visit it, not least its gorgeous surrounds, but perhaps the most important of all reasons is Saartjie Baartman. Born in 1789 she was a Khoikhoi woman whose proportions became a circus act in early 19th century Europe.
Now, she must be honoured for the pain she endured and the strength she inspires among all women today.

5. Head to Soweto and celebrate stalwarts like Mam’ Winnie

The strength of women! 5 must-visits this Women’s Day

Soweto is unarguably the heart of the struggle and has been home to countless struggle stalwarts over the years, but none more courageous than a woman whose legacy needs no introduction. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is a symbol of female courage and strength, and how resilience can redefine a country.
Soweto is filled with other memorials and visits to enjoy, including the energetic and sensational Vilakazi Street.

So there you have it. 5 must-visits to celebrate South African women with Greyhound and, As the best bus service in South Africa, offering luxury and affordability, let us get you there.

Happy Women’s Day and see you on board!
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