Inspirational Celebrity Fathers Living in South Africa

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Usually we only see stars like David Beckham and Brad Pitt in the limelight when it comes to inspirational fathers. But what about those inspiring celebrity fathers living in South Africa? Fathers who juggle an impressive career as well as a family.  We’ve put together a listicle of South Africa’s most inspirational fathers.

Nelson Mandela 

Although passed, we will never forget Nelson Mandela as the most inspirational father of the nation.

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Desmond Tutu

A stunning father who raised his children on high morals and manners. Certainly a father many men can look up to.

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Bobby van Jaarsveld

Don’t let the gorgeous looks fool you. This man is as good a father as he is attractive. He excels not only in his career but as a family man.

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Leon Schuster 

We are certain he provides many laughs in his household and raises his children to not only be good members of society but hilarious members of society.

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Bryan Habana

Rugby legend and legendary father. Let’s hope his children inherited his extraordinary sporting abilities.

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Thapelo Mokoena 

A great presenter and adoring father of his daughter. Hopefully he can keep the guys at bay when she grows up because she will be every bit as good looking as he is.

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Do you know any other great South African fathers? Tell us who you can think of and why you think he is great! Join the conversation. Every day should be Father’s Day.

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