Items you never seem to pack for a trip but should

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Shoes, underwear, shampoo, passport, etc. etc. When packing, we usually tick off our list of most important things to pack, however there are a few things you might not have thought to pack or simply forget to pack before leaving on a trip. Just let us know if you agree.

Bandages or plasters

We almost always remember to bring an antiseptic salve, but what about a plaster or bandage for those odd cuts and bruises. We can’t predict what might happen while on holiday, someone might sprain an ankle so yes, plasters and a roll of bandage might come in handy.

Baby powder

You don’t have babies in the house and your skin is naturally softer than said baby’s bum. So, why do you need to pack the baby powder? Because it is an excellent way to get the pesky beach sand off your skin when you get out of the water. Just rub some on your skin and the sand will come right off.

Shower shoes

You are first and foremost going to be staying at a public place. Shower shoes, albeit not worn often or thought of, is a vital accessory to any wardrobe. If you want to avoid catching any strange fungus and sores, don’t forget those flip flops.


Flashlights or an LED lamp is wonderful if you need to go outside or make a quick trip to the car at night. While we keep our fingers crossed that load shedding does not occur during our holiday, a flashlight is still an important addition to the suitcase.

Charge cables

Remember to pack cables to charge your camera, phones and so forth. A nice way to keep all of your cables neat and organised is to place them in an empty sunglasses case.

To book a bus ticket

Forget the spare tyre and forget spending most of your holiday money on petrol getting there. Book a ticket to go on the bus instead and enjoy the journey together as a family without the stress of keeping everyone on the road and occupied.

Our number one priority is the safe transport of our passengers so you can rest assured that, with the essentials packed and everyone ready, you and your family will reach your holiday destination safely and comfortably.

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