A long weekend with Greyhound: Getting the most out of April’s public holidays

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With two significant public holidays on their way this April, what better way to celebrate than with a A long weekend with Greyhound: Getting the most out of April’s public holidays? After all, Southern Africa was designed for epic African road trips and what better way to do one but in the most luxurious bus solution this side of the equator? Yes, us, the ever-classy and comfy Greyhound.

From Family Day on 2 April to Freedom day on 27 April, you’re in for a public holiday treat – so pic one of the following road trips to turn April’s public holidays into a long weekend to remember.

Here to help you are five Greyhound getaways. So, pick one and be inspired!

  1. Take a trip to Johannesburg – and dance in Maboneng!

A long weekend with Greyhound

A long weekend with Greyhound

The urban bustle of Maboneng is perhaps Johannesburg’s and South Africa’s most fun-loving destination for the young and urban-spirited at heart who enjoy the sound of deep African house to the backdrop of concrete splendour.

The ‘New York of Africa’ is the prime destination for African entrepreneurs, performers and business people Africa over, and you can feel that energy in the streets: Between Maboneng, Sandton and Vilakazi street, you’ll find an African party of every flavour!

Why not make a weekend of it? You’ll thank us later!



  1. Take a trip to Cape Town – and sip wine in Constantia!

Few destinations in the world, nevermind South Africa, areas visited and beautiful as Cape Town because of reasons so obvious that there’s no real point listing them here. But, in usual and polite Greyhound fashion, we’ll list them anyway because we absolutely love them and cannot wait to take you to see them.


A long weekend with Greyhound

A long weekend with Greyhound

If you haven’t been to the top of Table Mountain or gone surfing in the Cape’s clear blue, perhaps you’ll be enticed by the suburban wine farms that consist of some of the oldest Vineyards and most revered wines in the world.

Yes, take a sip of wine in Constantia and soak in the finer things of Africa. Certainly, head to Cape Town if you’re looking for a reason to be inspired!

  1. Take a trip to George – and get lost in Wilderness!

Few places are as enticing for a little weekend getaway than the southern Cape for no other reason than the fact that it’s absolutely mesmerising to behold from any angle you enter it.

From Plett to George – a strip of green wonder called the Garden Route – you’ll be captivated by the reality of where we live and drawn in by the romance of how its sheer cliffs meet the ocean. Enter from the Karoo and the views are even better! You literally cannot miss out however you come.

No doubt, every little stop in and around George is a stop worth stopping at – especially Wilderness. Stroll around and get lost there. You won’t regret it!

  1. Take a trip to Nelspruit – and safari like the tourists do!

The immensity of South Africa’s North East corner is encapsulated by the word ‘safari’. Here, in the safari capital of the world, there are many views to behold, many enjoyable sights to see – especially historical – but you’ll forever be regretful if you went and didn’t try and squeeze in a few days of game-viewing.

Indeed, road tripping through Mpumalanga without some sort of safari excursion, no matter how small, is like travelling to the Alps and refusing to ski. Yes, there’s a reason why the Kruger is the Mecca for safari-lovers the world over and it’s something that you should experience too!

So, get out those binoculars, book a lodge or two, and don’t miss the Greyhound bus to Nelspruit. Trust: A trip of epic proportion awaits!

  1. Take a trip to Ixopo – what, where?

A long weekend with Greyhound

A long weekend with Greyhound

In the spirit of freedom and family, celebrate April’s public holidays by taking a trip to Ixopo. Where? Exactly! Pick a destination and make a weekend of it. Your freedom, your family and your road trip loving soul will thank you.

Incidentally, Ixopo is actually a gem of a small town in the KZN Midlands that’s worth any long weekend away and anytime you’re willing to give it. The Midlands are well known as a beautiful weekend destination as it is, blessed with farms, resorts and rolling hills worth seeing, so do yourself a favour and go and see them.

Who knows what you’ll find, what selfies you’ll take and what memories you’ll make.

So have a go why don’t you? Pick a destination and make a Greyhound long weekend of it. Certainly, you won’t be left wanting on the bus side of things – that’s for sure. As for the destinations, well, they’ll speak for themselves.

To book your long weekend with us this April, visit www.greyhound.co.za or call our 24hrs Customer Care/Reservations: 011 611 8000 | 087 352 0352

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