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Earn points while you sit back and relax

If you travel often by bus and prefer these trips smeared in luxury, chances are you probably go by Greyhound. If so, have you considered joining our Loyalty Club?

The Greyhound Loyalty Programme operates on a point system. The more you travel, the more points you earn. Every time you buy a ticket, we allocate points to you depending on the ticket you buy. So, over time, you can collect points and then exchange them for free tickets. You can use them to buy tickets to any destination serviced by Greyhound. It’s that simple!

Allocation of Points

Ticket Price Points
R 0 – R 49 10
R 50 – R 99 20
R 100 – R 149 30
R 150 – R 199 40
R 200 – R 249 50
R 250 – R 299 60
R 300 – R 349 70
R 350 – R 399 80
R 400 – R 449 90
R 450 – R 499 100
R 500 – R Plus 110

Value of Points

Points Value
250 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 199.00
400 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 399.00
800 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 599.00
1,200 points Free ticket worth up to R 799.00
1,600 points 1 Free ticket worth up to R 999.00

Please Note

Remember though, Loyalty Members can only collect points for tickets bought for themselves. So, as you buy, you should always advise your friendly reservation’s clerk that you are a Loyalty Member. Kindly present them with your ID or membership number and voila – points earned!

What a luxurious pleasure.

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is up to you to claim your free tickets.
  2. Free tickets may only be redeemed from Greyhound Offices or Computicket
  3. Free tickets will only be issued if you have accumulated a sufficient number of points.  You may not pay cash to cover the balance.
  4. Loyalty passengers are Greyhound passengers and therefore subject to the terms and conditions of carriage displayed at all Greyhound Offices. Summaries of these may be found on Greyhound ticket wallets or
  5. Although your membership is not transferable, once you have accumulated the required number of points, you may book your free ticket for a family member or a friend.  The choice is yours, however, you must claim the ticket yourself.
  6. Free tickets are valid for uninterrupted, single journeys only.
  7. Please ensure you have a valid ID Document with you when claiming your free ticket.
  8. Free ticket may not be exchanged for cash.
  9. Greyhound reserves the right to change or terminate the programme without notice.
  10. The Get-a-round Club is a service to you, our valued passenger, so please do not hesitate to contact us on our help line number if there is anything more you would like to know about the club and how it will benefit you.
  11. To qualify for points towards your free ticket please produce your Loyalty number or ID number when making a booking as points will not be allocated after the booking has been made.
  12. Passengers are carried subject to and in terms of Exclusion of Liability & Conditions of Carriage.
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