Making the most of The National Arts Festival in gorgeous Grahamstown

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With the National Arts Festival currently taking place, South Africans have the perfect excuse to take a road trip down to picturesque Grahamstown and experience the biggest annual celebration of the arts on the African continent.

Over the 11 days that are NAF 2016, every hall or large room in the Grahamstown area is transformed into a theatre, while parks and sport fields become flea markets packed to the brim with arts and crafts from all over Africa. If you’ve been debating the decision to head down and see what it’s all about, here are some reasons that 2016 should be the year you and your friends make a trip down for this event:

The people

You’ll meet people from all walks of life; from university students to artists and performers who make a living off of the craft they love! The festival also has very strict criteria when it comes to selecting stall holders, food vendors and product manufacturers. Local is without a doubt lekker! Forget seeing anything labelled “made in China” and expect everything to be made with love.

The shows

This arts festival has the widest array of performing artists in Africa. From street performances and music shows to ballet and opera and even local films. In all honesty, you’ll be spoilt for choice and wish the festival went on for longer than the 11 days that have been set aside.

The parties

If the Eastern Cape students are famous for anything, it’s their party-spirit! The Arts Festival is the perfect place to let your hair down and have some fun with your best mates. Grahamstown itself is scattered with local bars and restaurants, but over these couple of days, every hall or room can become a party spot.

The scenery

Whether you enjoy a history-laden township tour or prefer taking a casual walk around a sleepy town, Grahamstown is filled with beautiful sites to see and explore. There are also some really exciting things to do for free while visiting Grahamstown.

If this trip sounds like something you’d like to do with your friends, then you need to get planning now as the festival kicked off on 30 June but only ends on the 10 July, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the atmosphere. Why not jump on a Greyhound bus and we’ll get you there safely and for less? Take a look at the routes we service and make a booking:

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