Making Travel a Priority.

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Many of us have reservations about leaving our comfort zones. The excuses we give are numerous, and rarely ever make any sense to anyone but ourselves. When we do this, however, we end up closing so many doors for ourselves in the process, and the quicker we stop using excuses, the better.
When it comes to making travel a priority, stop thinking about doing it “one day” and think about doing it in the next few months.  Give a specific time frame for when you want to do it.  When you set a specific time in the future, it will make it more likely to happen.  When you think of doing something “one day”, you’ll just keep putting it off and it will never get done.
Take a look at the other reasons that are keeping you from traveling.  
One of the most common reasons is how you have kids now so traveling has to stop. While this  seems entirely reasonable, especially with the growing costs of traveling with your family, priorities such as school, work, etc., but that doesn’t mean that the option is entirely closed to you. In fact, if you travel around the world, you will most likely see one or two families on holiday in inexpensive places, making their time together count without having to spend a fortune.
In many cases, the best time to travel is as soon as possible.  Don’t wait until retirement or when the kids are out of the house.  That could be too late.  If you have the money and time to go than do it.  Just because the place you want to go will always be there doesn’t mean you can take forever.
Part of the fun that goes into traveling is the adventure it entails.  And adventure is about not knowing what will happen next. And remember, going on holiday does not have to put  a huge hole in your pocket. There are always cheap alternatives to hotels, business class flights, expensive meals and crazy spending sprees. If you truly love travelling, you won’t mind spending a few nights with a backpack on your shoulder looking for your next bed.
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