Places with strange names in South Africa

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Pofadder – Northern Cape

Situated off the N14 between Upington and Springbok, this town is the perfect example of the so-called “middle of nowhere” we often hear about but never see.

strange town 1

Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein – North West Province

Roughly translated into English, “Two buffalo shot dead in one shot spring.” This small town is situated in the North West province approximately 200km west of Pretoria.

strange town 2

Our Greyhound bus can take you to Pretoria if you would like to find out why this town has such an interesting name.

Klein Mier nommer een – Northern Cape

Yet another strangely named town in Northern Cape. This little town is shrouded in mystery but one thing we have found out is that its closest city on the map is Windhoek, Namibia.

strange town 3

Putsonderwater – Northern Cape

There is a legend connected to this town. Apparently, it was once called Klippan and then a man named David Ockhuiswhose dug a well in the 1880s. He didn’t want to share the water with anyone so whenever anyone asked him for some water, David would reply with, “Of course, I have a well, but it is a well without water.”

strange town 4

Die Hel – Western Cape

Die Hel is also known as Gamkaskloof and the town is said to be haunted. We would advise you enter with a sturdy, big vehicle (preferably of the 4×4 nature) that can handle the rough terrain.

strange town 5

Have you been to any of these strangely-named places? Would you like to take a selfie in one of these towns? Book your bus ticket with Greyhound and share this silly experience with your friends and family.

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