Playing games and staying entertained on long journeys.

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Keeping yourself entertained on a long journey is difficult. Most of the time, especially if you’re in a car, on a bus or on a train, you will have nothing but time to look out the window at the endless hills you’re likely to encounter. The following is a short list of suggestions for ways to keep yourself (and your family) entertained and make sure that you are able to enjoy the trip.
One of the easiest ways to keep a child entertained nowadays is by giving them access to technology. It will allow them to keep themselves entertained without having to bug you too much, so you are free to enjoy the scenery on your trip, or take a nap to pass the time.
Various technological options are available for your children, ranging from portable media players that can hold their favorite movies and TV shows, or handheld game consoles that will keep them entertained for a large portion of your trip.
While technology is the obvious choice children in this day and age, taking books and fun reading or puzzle solving material along for the ride might help entertain them when the batteries run dead, or they eventually get bored of playing the same game over and over.
Depending on your child’s reading level, take along some books that will entertain them, teach them, or allow them to develop skills such as puzzle solving and math skills (Sudoku and crosswords are always fun alternatives to books, as they are easily turned into games by children).
Traditional Fun:
If neither of the above options seem viable to you, you could always opt for more traditional methods of fun and time wasting. Since children love playing games, no matter where they are, use the scenery around you to amuse them. Play Eye Spy, word games or use sing-a longs (if you’re sure you’ll be able to live through all the noise). Travel Bingo is another fun game that you can play and pretty much make up as you go along. Use a sheet of paper for each person and divide it up into five rows and five columns, leaving the middle block open as a ‘free slot’. In each of the other blocks, write something that you think you might encounter on your trip. The first person to see, hear, or experience a complete row or column of these wins.
Video games:
Portable video game consoles have been getting handier over the last decade, and with that has come increased battery life. You can now take your portable console or handheld game along with you (or even play on your smartphone or tablet) to keep you company. Many newer coaches have plug points, and a wide variety of handheld gaming devices support third party portable chargers that plug into your cigarette lighter or the USB port on your radio.
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